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Breaking the Stalemate; A Gaunts Ghosts fan-fic
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Author's note: Much as I love Gaunt's ghosts, the sad fact is that I am not very good at taking other people's characters and writing them. It just doesn't work for me. So allow me to present Breaking the Stalemate. Set in the warhammer 40k universe, during the Sabbat Worlds crusade. It does touch on characters from the Gaunt's ghosts universe, but only, breifly as I am much more comfortable creating and inserting my own characters, and building them into the world.


Oberon Class Battleship Shadow of Eire, in high orbit over Aexe Cardinal

Lord General Barthol Van Voytz closed his eyes and let out a long sigh.

“Have I disappointed the Warmaster, that I am replaced as commander in chief here?”

“No, Lord General. Far from it. Warmaster Macaroth is most impressed with your work on Aexe Cardinal, particularly with the fact that you have had to work with their… old fashioned command style.”

“But we have yet to even break the stalemate on this world and the Blood Pact are here in force.”

“Yes, that is true, however, it was under you that the Tanith First destroyed the super artillery of The Arch Enemy and discovered the presence of the Blood Pact. Your forces and advice have been instrumental in the continued holding of the line here.”

Across the room, sat in field dress uniform, Lord General Cormac Ȯ Turlach never broke eye contact as he spoke. He paused briefly, when Van Voytz did not reply he continued.

“The Warmaster acknowledges that given the situation he placed you in, there is very little else that you could have done. He believes your talents and intuition are best used elsewhere Lord General and as such he is giving you command elsewhere.”

Van Voytz opened his eyes and met Ȯ Turlach’s unflinching gaze. Either the man was an excellent liar or he was being utterly sincere.

From what Van Voytz had heard of those from the Eire star system he was inclined to believe it was the latter. Van Voytz drew a deep breath, collecting himself.

“And where is this command that I am being sent to, will any of my current forces be deployed with me?”

Ȯ Turlach paused, glancing at a young woman in sleek black uniform, with the rank pips of a Field Marshal. Van Voytz’s eyes lingered on her wheel chair, wondering how she had ended up in it.

She met his gaze unflinchingly, her eyes daring him to question her. He suspected that had he done so, regardless of the presence of her senior officer and Van Voytz’s own rank, she would have given him a piece of her mind. After a moment her gaze softened and she spoke.

“Lord General Van Voytz, the majority of your task force will be redeployed with you. One or two elements will remain here. You are to go to [insert canon correct world here].”
Ȯ Turlach looked back to Van Voytz in the wake of the young Field Marshal’s statement.

“Well, that’s everything. I wanted to tell you in person about all this. I’m really sorry Lord General, I personally hate to be pulled out of a warzone before the fight is over. I promise you I will finish this for you.”

In the shadows we trust.