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« on: August 02, 2020, 01:11:21 AM »
Odin, if you could possibly be so kind
Grant me a bit of your wisdom
Maybe it will ease my restless mind
You gave your eye up for it
Give me just a taste, I promise I will find
A way to pay you back
I値l give you my blood, its pain unrefined

Thor, please, could you help me through the storm
I知 lost in the dark very far from home
Could you light up the sky and illustrate its form
Or let me hold the hammer
Maybe all that power could help me then transform
Maybe then I could find my way
Out of the relentless cold and back into the warm

Freya, goddess of war, help me in my fight
With my inner darkness
That is pouring in to drown out my light
Your the queen of love
And I promise that I値l be your knight
If I can love myself
Any small amount, no matter how slight

Eir, I come to you 祖ause I know that I知 sick
Pull the poison from my soul
And I値l give you any reward that you pick
Or give me the cure
Tell me it slow, maybe then it will click
If I知 a lost cause
Give me the news, and please make it quick

I beseech all of the gods, in all of their halls
Can you hear any of my please
Or am I forgotten outside of your gilded walls
Help me to survive
And I will answer every one of your calls
Please tell me that you care
And we池e more than your little mortal dolls