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Foundation: -Introduction
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I decided to create a new thread, with new chapters being buried and such. I didn't want new readers to be swamped, so here goes a new and more active one!
I'm currently reworking every single chapter. I have them all printed out and going through one by one tweaking and updating in pen. I'll then be posting them up.
I have up to chapter 14 complete! Hopefully will be posting the next one up later soon.
I have notes, calendars and all sorts to push this story to completion! Please read and say what you think if you get the chance.

Without boring you any longer, here is my current (not so) little writing baby.


School is challenging even at the best of times, but when drastic events happen during your last year, sometimes the only comfort is knowing that your friends are beside you going through the same thing.



:Chapter one: You can't cheat death.

Completed, waiting to post up..

:Chapter two: Unwelcome news.
:Chapter three: Spreading the heartbreak.
:Chapter four: Battling authority.
:Chapter five: An uncertain future.
:Chapter six: A temporary beginning.
:Chapter seven: Supportive connections.
:Chapter eight: Remembrance.
:Chapter nine: Saying goodbye.
:Chapter ten: A new home.
:Chapter eleven: Hoping for change.
:Chapter twelve: Personal nightmares.
:Chapter thirteen: Outside discussions.
:Chapter fourteen: Seeking answers.

Work in progress.

:Chapter fifteen: A new trend.

Planned chapter titles, links to be added when chapters are complete.

:Chapter sixteen: Hidden secrets.
:Chapter seventeen: Endless war.
:Chapter eighteen: Broken families.
:Chapter nineteen: Hoping for an escape.
:Chapter twenty: Broken promises.
:Chapter twenty one: Deflated structure.
:Chapter twenty two: Looking for connections.
:Chapter twenty three: The start of something greater.
:Chapter twenty four: Fighting for freedom.
:Chapter twenty five: A new friend.
:Chapter twenty six: Losing the battle.
:Chapter twenty seven: Defeated, but hopeful.
:Chapter twenty eight: Defending the innocent.
:Chapter twenty nine: One last stand.
:Chapter thirty: One last year.
:Chapter thirty one: Joint partnership.
:Chapter thirty two: Searching for help.
:Chapter thirty three: Standing as one.
:Chapter thirty four: Breaking free.

All chapters are listed, but not all are complete. Please read the contents above to find out where I currently am in the story.
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:Chapter one: You can’t cheat death.
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Any errors, please mention.

   As the hours passed, the weather quickly deteriorated. Eventually, it turned the small streams and rivers nearby into deadly and unforgiving ones that roared with anger. They had, now, long since burst their banks leaving the water level to grow increasingly higher. The endless rain had caused this to happen, and had already managed to overflow the drains in the roads.
   The deadliest part though, was the combination of the fierce wind and unrelenting lightning. Many lines had already been knocked over or damaged by falling trees which left many without power or the ability to call anyone. News and weather reports during the day had advised people to stay in their homes because of the many dangers, and had mentioned that many roads were blocked.

   Regardless, several people were determined to get where they needed to be. Some had been out before the storm worsened and hadn’t realised how bad it would get, others just wanted to check on family to make sure they were safe. One small family summed up their risky journey on the road under both categories.
   Justin was driving carefully through the rain, as he couldn’t see properly through the window. A mixture of condensation and rain meant that it was getting more and more dangerous to drive, but he was determined to try and get home none-the-less.
   Gregg-his teenage son, who was sitting in the back-seat behind him, had been a little unsure of whether to travel in the car to begin with. Whilst he had been waiting for his parents to get ready, he had been watching the weather reports and knew that a storm would be approaching.
   His brilliant green eyes, just like his fathers, were mostly hidden under his light brown hair. He had tried to hide how uneasy he was feeling, especially as he didn’t want to hold them up further.
   His mother, Leia, had been able to tell however. And had wrapped her arms around him protectively before they departed that morning, lightly placing a kiss on his cheek as she did so. When Gregg bit his lip gently and turned to look at her, she then spoke so that only he would be able to hear.
   “Andi will be waiting,” she had said softly, as she mentioned Gregg’s non-identical twin. “Try not to think about it too much, we’ll be home before you know it.”

   She glanced nervously over at Justin-who was beside her in the car, and then at Gregg, before taking a deep breath. Her long, soft brown hair was tied neatly in a ponytail which she ran her fingers through. She knew that it was only a matter of time before they were home, so she decided to break the uneasy silence by talking to them both about something that had been on her mind.
   “Me and your father are a little worried about you Gregg,” she said as she tried to raise her voice over the rain.
   “Why?” Gregg asked curiously.
   Leia thought for a moment before replying, she didn’t want to mention that Andi, had gone against his brothers wishes.
   Andi had been adamant that he didn’t want Gregg to know he had said anything, which worried her more than she wanted to let on. How long had he known there was a problem? And how had she not picked up on it until it was brought up?
   “We know you haven’t been sleeping very well at the moment,” Leia said thoughtfully. She was trying to divert the topic away from how she found out, but she somehow knew that Gregg had realised. It was now only a matter of time before he mentioned it.
   Gregg sighed gently and took a sip of water out of the bottle beside him. There it was, the little secret he had tried to keep to himself, out in the open.


   Leia shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat, watching the windscreen wipers as they tried to push the rain away. She knew she had to break the awkward pause that had occurred with a different topic, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead she just simply waited, listening to the huge amount of rain pounding on their small metal car.
   The silence continued for another few minutes before Gregg finally spoke once more, although it was clear that he was still uncomfortable doing so.
   “So what do you want to know?” he asked.
   Leia gently smiled with relief for a brief second, then turned around to face him so that he could hear her a little better.
   “How long have you had a problem sleeping?”
   “A while,” Gregg paused to think for a moment. He then continued, knowing that if he didn’t mention the small details that she would just end up asking for them anyway. “I started having problems around the beginning of June but I put it down to being stressed at school.”
   “June!” Leia exclaimed. “Why didn’t you say anything?”
   “Because it wasn’t a big deal,” Gregg replied nervously. “I thought I could get more sleep over the holidays but it’s just been getting gradually worse.”
   “If you had told us we could have taken you to see a doctor, he could have given you some sleeping pills to take or something. What are we supposed to do now?”
   “I don’t know!” Gregg cried out desperately. He hung his head in the dark, feeling the weight of his secret growing heavier on his shoulders as he did so.

   He had always hated being the one that asked for help, preferring to sort little problems out by himself so that others wouldn’t have too. Lately he was struggling though, and he was realising this more and more as the days went by.
   “Gregg, please,” Justin began. “You may be uncomfortable talking about this, but we do need to.”
   “But why? Why now?” Gregg asked desperately.
   “Because we have been looking into places that may be able to help you, if you stay with them for a little while,” Leia said firmly. “Your father is right, this is something that we need to discuss.”
   Gregg didn’t know how to respond, so he instead folded his arms in front of his face as he tried to find a better way to hide his emotions.
   “Gregg, we love you,” Leia said calmly. “We wouldn’t send you away unless we thought we really needed too.”
   “I can sort this out though,” Gregg cried. “I can start sleeping better, but only at home. Please-just please don’t send me away.”
   Leia and Justin then looked at each other for a moment, just long enough to mutually agree with what their son was asking. Although they never said a word, they both understood that giving Gregg time was the best thing to do.
   To give her son a little comfort, Leia then reached over, and lightly squeezed his arm-smiling gently when he looked at her.
   “Okay, we won’t send you away,” she smiled reassuringly.

   Gregg relaxed a little, but only for a few moments. The road they were on had become more perilous, and Justin was finding it hard to control the car. Taking a deep breath, he lowered his head once more into the comfort of his arms and tried to steady himself. Usually, he enjoyed the quiet periods when he travelled as it gave him an opportunity to think but today was different. Now he just wanted to escape it all; the loud pounding of the rain, the awkwardness of the conversation that still lingered and the whole idea of being sent away.
   So many thoughts were running through his head, each one leaving trails of questions that he doubted would ever get answered.
  How had his parents found out about him barely sleeping? He had made sure to be so careful and not wake them. The only other person that had known before hand was Andi, and he had made him promise not to tell them. Would he really go against his brother’s wishes? And what places had his parents found?

   Sighing, he glanced up to see that his mother had turned around and was holding both of her arms in front of her face. Was she copying what he had been doing?
   He glanced at her face in the reflection of the mirror-no she wasn’t. Her eyes and mouth were wide open with terror, and she was staring straight ahead. This wasn’t right, something was seriously wrong.

   Gregg opened his mouth and tried to speak, but found that he couldn’t hear anything. The noise of the rain had stopped- and so had everything else. And even though it had only been a few moments before hand when he had wished to escape the confines of the car, he now regretted it. He found he needed to listen to it, at least to get some clarification as to what was going on.
   He felt the car lurch forward suddenly, and then swerve as Justin tried to avoid debris. The sudden movements shocked Gregg’s brain into finally registering what was going on, and he was able to hear once more.
   He heard his mother’s ear piercing scream. His father crying out, and the grating of the front of the car being crushed by the large tree blocking the road.

   Gregg opened his eyes slowly and carefully, feeling his whole body ache with a dull pain. The weather was unrelenting and angry, and he cried out. This storm, the same one he had warned his parents about, had caused this crash to happen.
   He gingerly unfolded his arms and un-clasped the seatbelt clutch from the holder. It sprung back quickly, leaving him to wince a little with pain as it caught his hand.
   “Mum, dad are you okay?” he asked quietly.
   When they didn’t reply, he quickly looked up and cried out once more.
   “Mum, dad!”
   “Leia?” Justin croaked. “Leia, please say something-”
   “-Dad are you okay?” Gregg asked loudly. Then, bracing himself slightly, he moved so that he was leaning in between the two front seats.
   Reaching out, he touched his mothers arm and quickly let go. Her head was leaning on the window, and as Gregg had tried to see if she was okay, he had seen her blood starting to trickle down her face.
   “Gregg-you need to go and get some help,” Justin said with a quiver in his voice.
   “No, no-I’m not leaving you two here!”
   “Gregg, please- your mum needs help, she needs to go to the hospital. I need you to go.”
   Gregg managed to shift his position to speak to his father a little better, and saw that he was looking directly at him.
   “Gregg, just go. Please,” Justin asked firmly.

   Gregg nodded, realising as he pulled the car door open that he had been managing to hold back from crying until that moment. He clambered out of the car and stood up, feeling the small amount of layers that he was wearing getting heavy and damp as his body froze on the spot. Within a few seconds though, the shock of what had just happened hit his body. He felt his legs give way, and painfully cried as he collapsed on the road.
   “Gregg!” Justin cried out. He had opened the car door just in time to see him falling to his knees, but knew that he couldn’t help him. Instead of trying to get out of the car, he tried to use the energy he had to call out to him, to make sure that his son was okay.
   “What just-” Gregg grumbled quietly. Groaning, he then painfully stood up once more, and stumbled away to the nearest house he could see.

   There were many houses down the street, but only a couple still had their lights on. Gregg rang the doorbells of three houses, banging as he did so to try and attract as much attention as he could. One of the buildings he tried had almost every window illuminated in the darkness, but nobody answered at all.
   The second and third houses he tried had no signs of life whatsoever. Were they all asleep? Trying to protect themselves from getting wet or hurt?
   He then tried to find another tactic to try and get people to answer their doors.
   “Please! Please help!” He cried out.
   He was knocking on the fourth door he had come to, when he could finally hear some movement.
   “I’m coming,” Gregg heard a man’s voice grumble from the other side. He watched as several lights were turned on, before the latch was pulled back.
   A middle-aged man stared at Gregg for just a moment before reaching for the phone. When he returned he tried to motion for him to come inside but Gregg quickly refused.
   “No, no I can’t.” Gregg replied as he shook his head. “It’s my mum and dad-” he began.
   “-There’s been a crash?”
   “Yes,” Gregg cried.
   “I was wondering what that loud noise was just now,” the man replied quietly and sympathetically. He ran his hands through his receding blonde hairline and quickly keyed the emergency number into the phone. “I warned my neighbours they needed to do something about that tree,” he continued, grumbling to himself.
   “You need to phone-”
   “I’m already doing it son, are you sure you don’t want to come in and get warm?” he replied.
   “I need to go, my dad just told me to get some help-”
   “Well I’ll make sure it’s on it’s way,” he said firmly. “I’ll be out with you in a minute or two once I know they’re on their way.”
   Gregg then nodded weakly in acknowledgement and spun around, and started to make his way towards the car once more.

   He saw his dad leaning out of the drivers side, and quickly limped over. The moment he was beside him, he collapsed by the open car door and knelt on the damp road.
   “Did you manage to find anyone?” Justin asked. Gregg looked at him, then to his mother who had been moved slightly and nodded. Leia was now leaning across to the drivers side, and her head was resting on Justin’s shoulder.
   As Gregg looked at her, he noticed that her eyes were closed and she wasn’t moving at all.
   “Dad, is she-” he began. Unable to finish the question though, he simply turned his attention to his father who was slowly nodding.
   “Yes,” he replied quietly.
   “Gregg it’s okay, she won’t be alone for long.”
   “Wait- what are you saying?” Gregg asked crying. “I found someone that said that he was phoning up the ambulance service now, you’re going to be okay.”
   “Gregg, please-”
   “-No dad, just no! You’re not leaving me!”
   “Do you really think that I want to?” Justin snapped. Gregg recoiled away from him slightly, unsure of what to say next, as he did he took in the extent of his fathers injuries.
   The dashboard was sitting on top of his fathers legs, pinning him down into his seat as a result. There was no way he was going to be able to get out of the car without being cut out, and the urgency was taken even further when Gregg spotted blood dripping onto the floor of the car.
   Shards of glass were covering Justin, some of the fragments had buried their way into his skin, and were shining in the light from the door being open. The ones that had broken through, had caused tiny red rivers to form. Although they weren’t flowing any longer, it was clear that the pain was more than enough to bear.
   “I am trying to hold on,” Justin weakly sighed. Gregg took a deep breath and regained his composure slightly, and he was able to kneel next to his father once more.
   His whole body ached from the bruises from the accident, and he could feel the injuries of when he had fallen starting to take their toll as well. Only one thing was on his mind though, making sure that his dad was okay.

   He braced himself mentally, telling himself that he could do this. That he would be the one to to sort this whole thing out, knowing as he did so that he wouldn’t be able too. Sighing gently Gregg then edged a little closer, and un-did the zip of his jumper. Justin watched in confusion, staying silent as they looked at each other once more.
   Gregg’s light brown hair had become much darker due to being wet, but he had moved it out of the way to see a little better. He had taken a lot of facial features from his father, including his kind and sensitive eyes, but had strangely pushed away the idea of being closer to him than his mum. Now, in this moment though, it had all changed.

   Gregg bit his lip gently and tried, in vain, to remove the glass that had covered his dad. Most of the shards were brushed off, and fell without a problem. They landed gently and quietly on his clothes and were then forgotten about. Others though, were a little more stubborn to remove. After failing to remove several of the larger ones, he tried desperately to pick them out with his fingers instead.
   “It’s okay-” Justin began.
   “-Can you stop saying it’s okay!” Gregg snapped. “It isn’t okay, none of it is. I told you about the storm,” he cried out. “I told you we should have stayed. You should have listened-”
   “-Gregg,” his dad spoke firmly but held a small quiver. Gregg took a deep breath and looked into his eyes once more, instantly feeling the full weight of the situation in front of him.
   Justin then, carefully slid Leia off his shoulder so that she was resting against the opposite car window once more, and turned to his son.
   “I need you to listen to me.”
   “I’m listening,” Gregg replied weakly.
   “I mean-”
   “Dad, there is no way that I’m leaving you right now. I’m not going anywhere, say what you need to say. You have my full and complete attention.”
   Justin smiled weakly and held his arms open, to which Gregg rushed to clamber into. He heard his dad wince in pain, and was about to back away slightly- when he felt his dad squeeze him tighter.
   “It’s been a while since I gave you one of my old proper hugs hasn’t it,” Justin whispered. Gregg stayed silent, finding that he couldn’t find the words to say anything. “I need you to do something for me Gregg,” his dad continued.
   Gregg pulled away then for a moment, but didn’t fully let go. Tears were freely falling down his face, and his dad smiled gently as he wiped them away, leaving his own to continue making the neck of his t-shirt damp.
   Justin then slid something into his son’s pocket, but shook his head when Gregg began to reach for it.
   “Later,” he chuckled quietly. “I just need you to look after it for me, can you do that?”
   “Of course I can,” Gregg replied quietly.

   Justin then pulled him into a hug once more, and squeezed him gently one last time. The pain from the pressure in his legs and injuries hurt him more than he was letting on, but knew that Gregg couldn’t see that. Right now being here with his son was the most important thing to him, so he found himself ignoring the increasing level of pain he was suffering from.
   “I am so proud of you, do you know that?” Justin spoke once more, his voice breaking as more tears fell. “I was so worried that I wouldn't be a good father to you two, that I would do something wrong-”
   “-You were always my hero, dad. And nothing will ever change that,” Gregg whispered into his ear.
   Silence followed shortly after, as Justin relished and savoured each second with Gregg. He had always been the one that was more independent, preferring to sort out his own problems and do things on his own. Although it was useful, it also meant that spending time with his family missed out, especially as the tasks took longer to sort out.
   “Gregg,” Justin quietly spoke once more.
   “I’m still listening,” Gregg replied.
   “I need you to look out for your brother for me. You two need to stay together, you were always a team even from the start. Without me though, I’m really afraid of what will happen to you both.”
   “I promise,” he whispered. “I won’t let anything happen to Andi.”
   Justin gently squeezed his son once more, realising as he did so that the energy he had at the start was quickly draining. Taking a deep breath, he then whispered five more words into Gregg’s ear. Knowing as he did, that they would be his last.
   “I love you so much.”
   “I love you too,” Gregg cried back.

   Moments, that was all it took. Mere seconds after Gregg replied, Justin smiled once more and closed his eyes. He remembered the day at the hospital when he had first held them both in his arms, wondering what kind of father he would be. His mind raced through so many memories, all in short bursts. When Gregg had been ill on holiday, and when Andi had dressed up as a pirate for a school play.
  The final image that he saw, was one of Leia.
   ‘I’ll be with you soon,’ he thought smiling as he took his last breath.