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Diary of 'Reaper'
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Authors note: This is actually a finished piece, told through short diary entries. It is a >support> piece for Degree of the Human Heart. A prequel of sorts, as it's set before the main story-but the order in which you read isn't important.

.To the believers, the sceptical, the stereotypes and the rules.
.This book is for you.

We are amazing things.

   Let me explain why.

   We can chose to be happy, to let others win. We can plan out days ahead without realising, communicate with each other and make choices.
   Those choices, form our life, from the start to the end that's all we see and all we will ever know.

   We can chose to live how we want, go where we want and act the way we please. And although we sometimes regret it, although we wish that sometimes we could just take the time back, we have already learnt that that can never happen.
   That life is just a one track mind, it will never stop and it will never slow down.

   It's for this reason that I wish to make the most of what I was born with. It's for this reason that I am determined to prove the people who once sought out to hate me wrong.

   I hope you join the journey. The one you will never forget.


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Entry one.
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--- [Unknown date]
   Let me introduce you before you get to read my life, my nicknames 'Reaper'. Because of the way I live.
'Live life on edge and how you want, then you'll have no regrets.' -one of my more favourite quotes.
   I'll eventually tell you my real name but for now you'll have to settle for a cover.
   Talking of covers mines covered with books right now. I may just sleep on the floor at this rate, I don't even know where half of them sprung up from to be honest with you.
   Right now, it's cold. And I'm in the warmest room in the house, which is nice for Winter but not so in Summer. It won't matter so much next week though, I'll be back at university (my first year) with my best friends and laughing about all the embarrassing things that have happened over the past two weeks.

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Entry two.
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--- [Unknown date]
   Some people may say it's sad for me of all people to write a diary. It's not like I've lived an interesting life or anything, just the opposite in fact. But something, somewhere is telling me to keep track of my life. To list all the things I've done so I can look back and remember them, tell them to my children later on in life proud of the things I've accomplished.
   I guess that's why I'm here, on a miserable Friday morning writing in this thing, hoping for some sign that the rain will clear and I can walk outside and pick some apples. That was another downside of mine, I loved to cook. If I had slightly longer hair from behind I could easily pass for a girl. Not that black with blue highlights was common of course, although it wasn't my real dull hair colour.
   Because of this, throughout my life I've got bullied. Strange really with my outgoing nature. A lot of people are shocked to see that side of me, the first impression that I give is that I'm shy.
   And, it's right then, that the rain gets a whole lot worse. Oh joy, looks like the apple crumble will have to wait a little longer.

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Re: Diary of 'Reaper'
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I'm not a fan of crumble myself.  Pie all the way. Oh yes.  Mmm, I'm sure there was a nod smiley once upon a time.
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Re: Diary of 'Reaper'
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We have a nod one :pointandlaugh: It's between the facepalm and the poke with a stick smiley.

 :facepalm: :nod: :pokestick:

They're just short diary entries, think the most is a side of a5. I'll post more tomorrow or something.  :yawn:

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Entry three.
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--- [Unknown Date]
   Funny how the days plan out in the end, the apple crumble turned into me baking cookies. My mum just laughed when she got home, apparently I'd made her day.
   It seems simple doesn't it? To be the 'good guy' I mean. It doesn't take much effort and apparently people are happier.
    Thing I've realised though, is that if you're the 'good person', you're also the easy target. The one who is a push over. Most probably an easy going, chilled out person.

   You may say that's biased, but in reality it's true.
   How do I know this? Because I'm one of them. I'm one of the fools who believes in the 'nice' human nature. It never ceases to amaze me how many take advantage.
   How many think it doesn't matter. That nothing matters except themselves.

   Then again, maybe I'm wrong.

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Entry four.
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--- [Unknown Date]
   I think it's time I started telling you more about myself, not that anyone's going to read this of course, but that's just the beauty of it.

   You already know that I'm keeping my name a secret, and you already know what colour hair I have. Dyed black with blue?
   But maybe I should tell you more about me before we go any further.

   You read before that I'm studying at university? Maybe I should tell you what I'm actually taking. Graphic Design always seemed to be my speciality amongst many others, but it wasn't until I started drawing properly that I realised something.
   Although I loved designing things, many people didn't like what I did. It's a funny world.