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Description: Prologue.

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The Other One. Part V - Hot Girls, Cold Dungeon.
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“I'm not at all certain that you are who you say you are,” Mother Superior said, unwrapping her whip slowly, and glaring at him.

Glancing at the two, alarmingly muscled, sisters who were glaring at him, and then back at Mother Superior and her glistening whip, Mike decided the only way he was going to get out of here was to go on the offensive.

Taking a deep breath, he shook his head.

“I am...” he said, “outraged.”  He jabbed a finger at Mother Superior.  “Outraged I say!  I come here, in good faith, hoping my daughter would learn all about 'The Arts',” he made the air quotes, “and maybe help along a local academic establishment at the same time, and I am met with... I am met with...” he took another deep breath and shook his head.  “THIS!”  He pointed at the rack, and the poor victim, now bleeding profusely from a long gash in his abdomen.”

“Look at this!” he said, pushing roughly past one of the burly nuns, who took a step back at his outrage.  “It's a rack!  A rack for fuck's sake!  What century are we living in, excuse me dear.”  The last to a teenaged girl in a ridiculously short leather skirt who had been wielding the knife.

He made a point of taking in the scene, glaring at the apparatus and the man, whos spasms were slowly subsiding as his life leaked out of him. 

“It's positively archaic!” he said.  “Archaic!” he repeated, enjoying a word that people don't usually get to say.  “I mean, where's the tech?  Where are the wires?  Where's the nerve stimulation?  I am sure my company could do better than this with a high end phone, a VR set and a few optical fibres!  I. Am. Outraged.  Is this all you've got?”

Rant over, he crossed his arms, glared at Mother Superior, and tried not to shit himself.

 Mother Superior Overseer Mary Strikt looked at him for a moment, her whip still by her side.  She glanced at the students, who were all looking at Mike with awe.  He shifted uncomfortably, trying his best not to get a hard on, surrounded by teenage girls in revealing leather outfits.

“Very well.”

“Uh?”  Mike tore his gaze away from one of the students and back at Mother Superior.

“Very well.  I understand.”  Mother Superior gestured at the surroundings.  “Our Great Lord is... traditional.  But I understand your concerns.  We have to move with the times.”  She nodded at the two Bouncer nuns, who withdrew back into the shadows.

“Follow me please.”  She turned and walked towards another door, which Mike hadn't noticed before.

Mike glanced around at the students, one of whom blew a kiss at him, and then followed the senior nun, surreptitiously adjusting the front of his pants.

Mother Superior was waiting for him at the door, which was a solid wooden affair, and looked about five hundred years old. 

Nodding at him as he approached, she turned and, carefully selecting a key from her chair, slid it into the lock and turned it. 

“You are correct of course,” she said, turning the handle.  “We need to keep up with modern times.  As such, we've been using our R and D facilities to find more... unusual methods of spreading the Word.  This is our latest experiment.  I didn't think you would be interested, but now, well, maybe. We are always after more funding.  Finding young girls who people won't miss is never cheap.”

Resisting the urge to comment, Mike simply stepped through into the room beyond the door.   It was a simple room, unlike the others in that it was plain concrete.   Standing against the walls to the left and right were two more nuns.  These were obviously no normal nuns though. 

Their habits were leather, more armour than habits in fact.  and from their wide belts hung wicked looking spiked clubs.  That wasn't enough.  They were both huge!  They would have put any  WWF wrestler to shame.  Both glared at Mike.

Mother Superior ignored both of them, striding across the room to the other door.  This one was eve n more solid than the last, though it had some sort of hatch lower down, and a barred window at head height. Everything about it screamed 'cell'.

Mother Superior reached the door and turned to look at him.

“Here is our latest experiment.  I want you to go in there and... see for yourself what strides in technology we are making.”  She held her key up, as if a dare.

Mike pulled himself up to  his full height.  “Carry on my good woman,” he said. 

Nodding, Mother Superior unlocked the door and pushed it open.  She didn't enter, but looked at him instead.

Taking a deep breath, Mike nodded back, and strode as confidently as he could through the door.

Which slammed behind him. 

The lock turned.

He was locked in.  Had he been more than usually stupid?  Probably.

“Oh, it's you!”

Mike turned and surveyed his surroundings.

As he'd surmised, it was a cell, straight out of medieval times.  It was small, with a covered wooden bucket in one corner, a tiny barred window high up in the wall, and a narrow cot.

On this cot was a young girl, probably no more than twelve years old. She was extremely pretty, with long tousled long hair, and wearing only a thin slip. 

“You've come for me!” she said, and threw herself at him, kissing him passionately.

“Whoaa!” Mike said, untangling himself from her embrace with some difficulty.  Still, that kiss... familiar?

“What?”  the girl pouted.   “Don't you remember me?”

“I... I...”  Mike gulped.  This girl was still a child, and yet...

“Oh, I know!”  she said brightly.  “I don't look the same.  Hold on.”

So saying, she smiled at him in a way that no twelve year old should ever do, and stepped back.

For a moment, nothing happened, and then there was a... disturbance in the fabric of the universe.

Mike peered through eyelids he didn't realise were closed.  And his mouth dropped open.

Standing there, discarding the remnants of a shift too small for her, was... HER. 

“Hi there,” she said, and her grin this time instantly gave Mike the hardest erection he had ever had.  “Have you come to break me out?”

Mike messed himself.

I'm consolidating my new writings.  So this story is now being continued
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