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Samhain Poems
« on: July 15, 2018, 03:16:00 AM »
Three poems I wrote for a Samhain (Halloween) themed poetry competition.

The Wheel of the Year

Death begets life,
As dark begets light.
The wheel it turns, the wheel it turns.
Each year, the Goddess mourns as the Sun God burns.

Our great Godís love is so vast,
That for our sake he breathes his last.
But never fear, we are not alone.
Our Goddess will guide us as the wise old crone.

On Samhain eve the darkness must reign,
For the God is willing, he must be slain.
Then the wheel can turn anew.
The sun will return to a sky that is blue.

Each spring, without fail,
The maiden will lift up her veil,
And greet the God with open arms,
Falling again for his youthful charms.

Life begets death,
As light begets dark.
The wheel it turns, the wheel it turns.
The maiden rejoices when the Sun God returns.


Deathís a funny kind of thing,
We donít know when its winter, or summer, or spring,
You lose track of time, of your place on earth,
After you experience your second birth.

But we always know when itís Samhain eve.
The veil grows so thin we can almost breathe.
The earth beneath my toes is strangely warm,
I can feel the air move round my ethereal form.

We take this night, our night of souls,
To come to earth and go on strolls.
I haunt the living, I admit itís true,
But my purpose might just surprise you.

I died too young, my daughter barely one,
But on Samhain, she draws me like the sun.
I saw her first steps, as she grew I looked on.
I saw her marry, have her own dear little son.

Soon my girl is a grandmother, I visit her still,
I worry and fret when she starts to look ill.
Until one Samhain, I reach through and take her hand,
And together we walk away, to the summer land.

The Witches

Midnight, witching hour, Samhain eve,
And weíre laughing so hard that we canít breathe.
Some might be surprised that we witches have fun,
But itís rare youíll find a Wiccan whose disposition is glum!

We sing our chants out to the moon,
We use our tarot and cast the rune.
We celebrate our God and Goddess, cast our spells,
Love our nature, and ring our bells.

Then we watch bad moves and Halloween repeats,
We drink too much prosecco and eat too many sweets.
We dress up as witches, we think itís ironic,
Our hangovers the next day are often chronic.

There is nothing sinister in a Witchís Halloween,
We just love the Goddess and the Man in green.
We are lovely, sweet people just like you,
Thereís nothing to fear, trust me itís true.


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Re: Samhain Poems
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2018, 10:55:17 PM »
I really love how the first poem flows, and how it changes tone towards the end. The first couple of verses are used very cleverly at the end there, making the whole thing perfectly fit the title as well.
You could even re-read it over and over and it would still be as powerful as the first time.  :lovedance:

The second poem was beautiful, I really didn't see where you were going with it until the end. It's whole tone is lovely, and I really love the last verse. It brought up so many emotions whilst I read it.  :Floatinghearts:

And the last poem, well. A complete contrast to the other two! So happy and joyous! You clearly put a lot of effort into writing these, the thought you put in really shows!
Well done Elsza!  :thumb: