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Description: Feedback competition

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Fantastic facilitative feedback
« on: February 08, 2019, 02:13:09 PM »
We are once again looking to improve the amount of feedback and replies we have on the forum, as this encourages members to come online and add more to their work.

And so, we have decided to run the 'Fantastic facilitative feedback' competition again!

This competition is based on a race against the other members on Tome City. Whoever replies to the most story threads between today and the 31st March, will be the winner.

The basics:
  • To enter and reply to threads, you must be a member of New Tome City. It is completely free to sign up and create an account. Just click here to register.
  • The feedback given on a story thread, must be helpful to the author.
  • Closing date is the 31st March

What you need to do:
  • Become a member of our friendly forum if you aren't already.
  • Reply below if you are interested in taking part. We will then reward those who want the prize.
  • Browse the story threads under the 'Tome City Stories' section. Story Street, Traditional Tower, Interactive Stories District, Citizen's corner and The Gutter. Then simply read and reply!
    Win money for just reading and replying to stories!
The rewards:
  • The Winner: A 5.00 (or equivalent) gift card voucher code for a selected store.