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The 'Divide'
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:16:46 PM »
So, I thought I could try something different. No idea where this is headed, but figured it could be sort of interesting to see what people think.

Here's the blurb;

Layton had always had some form of divide separating it’s two halves. To begin with it was a simple line in the road, but it quickly escalated to a brick wall-which then saw a number of different guards posted along it.
Under no circumstances though, was any body allowed to cross to the other side.

The divide separated those who were ‘different’, with those that were ‘human’. So what was to happen when everything changed?

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The beginning
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   Layton was divided, there would be no denying that. Even from the very start it had been split into two sections; the ‘Chosen’ and the ‘Calling’.
   You may ask what separated the two of them, what could possibly make them so different from each other? The answer was simply; fear.
   The Chosen prided themselves on being loyal to each other, and used their knowledge of machinery and weapons to help defend themselves against the other side.
   They learned quickly and efficiently, but constantly doubted themselves when it came to putting their inventions into action.  The Calling, to them, were a threat. Unlike their part of the city, they weren’t human, at least not fully. And so the set their minds to trying to remove what they deemed to be an unstable part of their city.
   On the other side of the barrier, the Calling simply wanted peace. Learning through experience and actions of the others, they sought after trying to prepare themselves for the unexpected and surprise attacks.
   The citizens were angry at the divide, but understood the difference.
   Although they appeared ‘normal’ on the outside, their inner strength showed through in a range of different powers that the Chosen couldn’t understand. Their powers were the result of an event that separated the town long before the divide was put in place, but the history could now not fully be recalled. After so many years, the truth could no longer be certain any longer.

   The streets of both were lined with slogans and posters that encouraged everyday life, yet also reminded them that they weren’t the same as the other people living behind the brick wall.
   In places, the bricks had been destroyed. Leaving gaps which were large enough for children to walk through. And, apart from one or two locations, each one was guarded with something or somebody to help prevent anyone from crossing the border.

   One of the unprotected areas, was a whole the size of a small television screen. On the Chosen’s side, a single piece of red tape had been placed to deter people from peering through but that was all. On the Calling’s side however, an abandoned barrel had been placed in front of it.
   A mother slowly approached the small hole in the wall, with a heavy heart. Her small baby had been wrapped lovingly in a number of delicate and expensive clothing, and slept soundly in her arms.
   “I am so sorry my love,” she said softly. “But this war has gone on for far too long now, it is time that the other side see that they need to change. I am just hoping that you will understand one day my dear, and know that I love you more than anything in the world.”
   She then placed her young child on the barrel, making sure that she was warm enough, and removed a letter from the inside pocket of her coat. When it had been placed underneath her baby’s head, the mother then started walking away backwards and hid behind one of the buildings nearby.
   She waited there protectively, as she waited to see what would happen. As soon as her child started to cry, she had to fight the urge to go to her. Remembering as she did so that she was doing this for a reason.

   After a few minutes of crying, the mother could hear someone talking to her child but she continued to stand where she was in silence.
   She then watched as two arms then appeared through the hole in the wall, and carefully brought her baby over to the other side of the divide.
   As soon as her letter was also taken, the mother then walked away feeling satisfied, heartbroken and hopeful.

There we go! The beginning to our tale! And so, what do you say happens next? A baby born on the Calling's side, has been brought over to the Chosen. (Yes, sort of predictable but hey.)
The next entry will be when the little baby is older, so here's the question I need to know. Do the Chosen know about her powers? Or will it be revealed during the story? Have your say below, and let me know what you think!
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Re: The 'Divide'
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2017, 04:16:32 PM »
They don't know, nor does the child.

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Re: The 'Divide'
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2017, 03:32:35 AM »
I'd say the Chosen know but keep it a secret from her.


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Re: The 'Divide'
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2017, 01:57:46 PM »
I think they should know having been able to sense it from the child but not be aware of the full extent. Perhaps they train her to control and reserve her powers  ::)

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Re: The 'Divide'
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Ooh, all interesting concepts! I shall create a poll.

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Re: The 'Divide'
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Two votes for Araell's suggestion! I shall work on this when I get a little time tonight (all being well). Update soon!  :read:

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Re: The 'Divide'
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Oops  :panic2:

Here you go though! The next instalment.

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The waiting
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-Many years later-

   Luna ran her fingers through her jet black hair, and sighed. How long was she supposed to wait exactly? Time had passed her by slowly as she stood, leaning against the wall of the library. And she didn’t want to stay here forever, maybe Toby would be along shortly?
   Although, as she thought silently, Toby wasn’t the most reliable person to count on. Only the day before he had forgotten to buy a loaf of bread for the family.
   Then again, it wasn’t like his task today was particularly hard. All he had to do was turn up and help Luna as she prepared for a test. She was going to be the one who did all the hard work for it all.

   Revision, and studies in general, had never been Luna’s strong points. She preferred to actively be challenged, and even managed to remember complicated dance moves after only being shown a couple of times in the past.
   This test however, wasn’t one that she could prepare for in any other way apart from going through text books and occasionally being tested though.
   Groaning with frustration, she glanced down at her watch with her bright silver eyes, and shook her head. Toby had meant to meet her an hour ago, and it she was starting to get hungry as it neared lunch time.
   She sighed and gripped her bag, which was resting over her left shoulder, and began to pace. The library was a grand building, with several tall double doors which were open to the sunlight. And as she passed each one in turn, Luna peered inside and tried to make out as much as she could.
   It was possible that Toby had already arrived after all, and was potentially waiting for her inside. It wouldn’t have been the first time where he didn’t properly listen to directions or instructions. His unreliable and unpredictable nature made him a really frustrating person to rely on.
   She reached the last of the doors and turned back, sure enough Toby was still nowhere to be seen. Not really knowing what to do, whether to continue waiting or leave and buy herself something to eat, she then did the only thing she could think of to pass the time; try to figure out where Toby was.

   Luna closed her eyes and gently held onto one of her bracelets on her left wrist. As she did so, she pictured Toby’s physical form inside her mind.
   Wisps of green and blue danced in front of her. She concentrated on them, and followed their trails to see them flow into what her brother was wearing. The blue appeared to be absorbed into his jeans, whereas the green disappeared into his t-shirt.
   Sighing once more, she focused on her brother once more, and noticed that he wasn’t moving from what she could tell. It certainly didn’t look like he was on his way to meet her at least, as he was only really moving the upper part of his body.
   Toby’s brown hair moved as he shook his head, and threatened to cover half of his face as it did so. When he stopped though, he slid what he could behind his ears, and showed his matching hazel coloured eyes.
   She watched as he shook his head and moved his mouth, although no sound was came out. Toby was talking to somebody, but who? And where?

So, where is Toby? And who is he talking to?
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Re: The 'Divide'
« Reply #9 on: May 16, 2018, 10:12:38 AM »
I wonder if he's concerned for what might happen now she is older? Is he talking to someone from the order about his concerns? I think so! I think he's afraid of her abilities and her finding out the truth about them.


"The war has begun! The line between Light and Dark is beginning to blur and only time will tell which will overpower the other." Keeper Prophecy (Destiny)

"I'm beginning to wonder whether this world ever had a divine being at all or if the Gods were among us this whole time!" Omar Delaney (Writing on the Wall)
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Re: The 'Divide'
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Ooh, thanks Araell! I'll wait a little while to see if anybody else posts, probably another week. If nobody's replied by then I'll see what I can conjure up with your suggestion :) .

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Re: The 'Divide'
« Reply #11 on: August 27, 2018, 08:04:12 PM »
As another thought, maybe Toby is talking to someone that he is romantically interested in. His sister is about to awkwardly interrupt and cramp his style perhaps?