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Re: ~Foundation: Introduction~
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There, done!

I have to say Pho, your writing style and flow has really come on.  The story isn't really my kind of thing*, but it's well written and comes over nicely. 

Good stuff, and keep it coming.  :thumb:

Just an aside, there's the odd  blank line.  It's kind of off-putting somehow.

*You know how shallow and irreverent I am.
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Re: ~Foundation: Introduction~
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I've pretty much put everything into Foundation at the moment, and I'm really glad my writing has improved since you read some of my other pieces. (I know it's an obvious thing to have happen, but it's great to know all the same.)

I'm posting the next chapter up now, just a fair warning... there are several chapters in particular that were and will be really hard to write. Not because I don't have an outline for them and such, but from an emotional stand point.
The next chapter, Chapter nine, is one of those.

Also, where is the blank line?

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:Chapter nine: Saying goodbye.
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   Adalyn took a deep breath as she shuffled around into the arrivals lounge, as she wondered who would be meeting her. Had Julian told Gregg and Andi her flight details? She hoped so.
   A family group were talking excitedly in front of her as she made her way around, and she smiled at them peacefully remembering when her parents had taken them all to a theme park ride only a few years before.
   Then, she found herself frowning with worry as she remembered what Gregg had said to her not long before. What exactly had happened to her own family?
   She only wished that her aunt Marian had been able to travel with her, but there had only been enough time to scramble to get one last minute ticket. And, surprisingly it didn’t make her feel any better knowing that she would be with her within the next two days to find out what was going on.
   “Adalyn, such a pretty name,” she heard someone announce in front of her.
   Confused, and now alert, Adalyn started searching around her for where the stranger could have potentially learned her name.

   She didn’t have to wait too long to find out, as not too far away she spotted the sign.
   ‘Adalyn Julestone’ was written on a single piece of card, and even though it wasn’t being held up over head height, she still saw it easily.
   Two teenagers were standing beside it, looking around for anybody who was close to approaching them.
   She stepped to one side and manoeuvred her way through the crowd to them, slinging her bag over her shoulder with ease as she did so.
   “Adalyn?” Julian asked hopefully. As she nodded slowly, he relaxed and introduced himself.
   “I’m Julian, and this is my sister Megan,”
   “Where are Gregg and Andi?” Adalyn asked him.
   “Raye is going to take you too them,” he explained.
   “Yes, who is Raye? I heard her speak for a minute when I was on the phone but she never explained who she was.
   “I’m not sure if I should be the one to say,” Julian said uncomfortably.
   “Julian? Is this Adalyn?” Raye asked as she approached them.
   Julian nodded in reply and moved out of the way slightly.
   “It’s nice to finally meet you,” Raye said happily. “I’ve been hoping to speak to you for a while now.”
   “Yes, but just who exactly are you? And where are my brothers?”
   “I’m their social worker,” she explained.
   “S-social work-I don’t understand,” Adalyn stammered.
   “Adalyn!” Emma called out, appearing from the same direction that Raye had moments earlier. “It’s so good to see you,” she said happily as she rushed over and gave her a hug.
   “Emma, it’s great to see you too-but where are the boys?”
   “With your aunt, I’m going to be coming with you and Raye to see how they’re doing.”
   “Well lets hurry this along then, because I’m really starting to get worried that something wrong has happened.”
   “The exit’s this way,” Raye said as she nodded her head. “I’ll drop you and Megan off at home along the way,”
   “Thank you,” Julian said smiling as he picked his bag up from the floor.
   The five of them then swerved around the multitude of strangers still expecting to greet their family and friends off the planes, and headed towards the signs leading towards the car park.


   Raye knocked on Tabitha’s door, telling herself as she slid her hand beside her once more, that they would settle in okay in the end.
   Adalyn stood against the wall next to her, with her arm linked through Emma’s as they waited, worried and nervous. Small sections of her hair escaped their restraint, and started to flow in front of her face. She resisted the urge to replace them, and instead let them cover her vision for a moment as she turned her gaze to her friend beside her.
   “Do you know what’s happened?” she asked.
   Emma tensed a little and slowly looked at Adalyn as she tried to hide the grief that was spreading in her heart.
   “I do,” she replied, unable to lie.
   “Gregg said before I boarded the plane that it wasn’t something that he wanted to tell me over the phone.”
   “It really isn’t,” she agreed. “I understand why he said that to you.”
   “Can you tell me just how bad the news is? Like, is it life changing bad? I just want to prepare a little, I’m just not sure what to expect right now.”
   “It’s the worst news you’ll hear for a long time to come yet,” Emma said after thinking for a moment.
   “I should probably tell our aunt Marian to come over sooner then-if she can, I only managed to get a few days off. I go back home on Friday,”
   “Oh-um-” Emma began.

   Just then though, Tabitha’s door opened, revealing Gregg as he leant against the door frame for support.
   Adalyn peered around Raye, who was blocking her vision, and gasped aloud. Within seconds her arms were wrapped around his shoulders, as she pulled him into a protective and comforting cuddle.
   “Pea, what happened?” she whispered too him in disbelief.
   Gregg, not knowing how to reply, stayed silent as he savoured the affection.
   In the opened doorway, Raye started to walk towards the car, and motioned for Emma to follow.
   “We’ll give you a few moments,” she said to the two of them. Emma, after realising what she was trying to say, followed her and left them alone.

   Adalyn broke away slowly, and rested her hands on Gregg’s shoulders. They looked into each other’s eyes silently for a minute, and waited. Adalyn half hoped that she would be able to tell what was going on, and Gregg wished that he could tell her without speaking the words aloud once more.
   They were hard to say, and each time never became any easier from the time before.
   “It’s just you and me here right now, Andi went out a little while ago,” Gregg explained. “The sitting-room is this way,” he said as he led the way.
   “Aunt Tabitha must have moved since the last time I saw her, I don’t recognise this place.”
   “The last time we saw her was a while ago,” Gregg offered. “That probably hasn’t helped.”
   “No, it really hasn’t,” she agreed.
   “So when do you go back?”
   “Friday afternoon,” she paused. “It’s a long flight and I need to be back by Saturday.”
   “You may want to put that flight off,” Gregg said as he swallowed and took a deep breath.
   “I may? Gregg, I need to know what’s going on first. So tell me, I am really freaking out right now,” she said honestly.

   Gregg hung his head and looked to his hands, unable to look at the hurt that he was about to cause.
   “Dad refused to listen too me when I told him to wait an extra night,” he said slowly. “He really wanted to get home as soon as possible, but he wouldn’t say why.”
   “He never usually does,” Adalyn said as she rolled her eyes. “I don’t know why he expects us to listen when we don’t have all the facts.”
   “He lost control of the car going a road, and it crashed.”
   “Is everyone okay?” She asked, somehow knowing the answer but hoping she was wrong.
   “Only I made it of there,” Gregg said quietly.
   “Mum and dad-?”
   Gregg shook his head and closed his eyes as the memories from the week before shrouded his ability to think once more.
   “Their funeral’s Friday,” he continued in the same tone. “Mike’s parents are organising it all.”
   Adalyn, at a loss for words, wrapped her arms around Gregg once more and rested her head upon his shoulder. Disbelief spread throughout her body, almost making the news seem like it didn’t faze her at all. The shock had stunned her, but she found she couldn’t express herself, or how much her heart was breaking.


   Connor rushed through the house frantically, knocking several items over along the way.
   “Have you still not found your shoes yet?” his father, Daniel, asked.
   “No,” Connor replied groaning. “And I know we need to leave soon as well,”
   “That we do, yes.”
   “Are Brendan and mum ready?” he asked.
   “No, not quite,” Daniel replied. “Try looking in the little alcove beneath the stairs, sometimes mine get put there when your mum tidies the house.”
   Connor, instantly alert, walked down the hallway and knelt down. Underneath a pile of old coats, were two large plastic boxes, which had an odd assortment of items that had been moved to keep them out of the way.
   Right on the top, was one of the shoes that he had been trying to find, but not the other. Rolling his eyes, he began to rifle through to see if the other one had been placed inside as well.

   Just as he was about to give up, Brendan tapped him on the shoulder and leant down beside him, handing him the one he needed.
   “Thank you,” Connor grinned as he relaxed. In reply, Brendan ruffled his brother’s hair a little, then backed away just as his hand swiped in mid-air.
   “Boys! Finish getting ready, we’re leaving in five minutes,” Melissa, their mother called out.
   “We’ll be ready,” Connor replied as he slid his shoes on.
   “Will we?” Brendan asked. “What do you still need? Your tie and jacket?”
   “Yes, but I know where the tie is,”
   “Your jacket’s hanging up in the kitchen, mum ironed it this morning along with mine,” Brendan smiled and stood up. After smoothing out the creases in his clothes, he then disappeared into the sitting room for a moment. When he returned, he was holding his mobile phone in his left hand, which he then placed in his trouser pocket.
   “Time to finish getting ready,” he announced as he moved his way past Connor and up the stairs.


   A small patch of carpet had worn away in Raye’s office. The strip, that ran the longest stretch of the room, had been constantly walked up and down when events and paperwork threatened the care of the children she was trying to help.
   The strip was now currently being used.
   On the phone, Raye gripped the earpiece as she moved, and only stopped to take a sip of water out of the glass on her desk occasionally.
   “What do you mean the paperwork is lost in the system?” she growled. “How can the lawyers lose two legal pieces of document that easily?”
   “I’m sorry,” said the woman in a rather timid tone on the other end. “I was told that they didn’t have one-”
   “-So you tell me what I’m supposed to tell the boys then. I was away for barely two days and now there’s no proof of what their parents wished after they died?”
   “I’m afraid so-”
   “-You’re afraid so?” Raye laughed “In the one day I was absent as I was ill, some ignorant person within my company ignored the information in front of them and completely turned everything on it’s head.” She paused as she looked outside, then spun around once more. “I called in to let you know that the paperwork he filled out with their aunt is completely bogus, and you’re telling me it isn’t as there isn’t anything you can do? Are you being serious right now?”
   “I wish I could do more-” the woman began.
   “-More? I think you’ve done enough don’t you? Gregg and Andi’s parent’s wished for them to stay with family-or with close friends. I knew sending them to Tabitha was a bad idea,”
   “You were just following protocol-”
   “-Screw protocol Justine. This is wrong on so many levels, they have another aunt and sister they could have stayed with-or with friends. And you’re telling me that because you lost the will, that their parent’s wishes are null and void?”
   “Raye, I’m sorry, I really am.”
   “If you’re sorry, you will fix this. And I mean fix it, don’t fob this off onto someone else. Find the will, prove the paperwork Tabitha filled out is not worth the paper it’s printed on, and maybe the two boys will have some sort of stability in their lives again.”
   “I’m not sure who to call to do that,” Justine tried.
   “Well figure it out! Thanks to your brilliant insight, Gregg and Andi are staying in yet another temporary placement tonight. Next time, check your facts. And if something doesn’t look right, then call me,” Raye said as she slammed the phone down with frustration.


   Andi stepped outside and pressed the call button on his phone. He hadn’t expected to hear from Raye today, although he wasn’t really surprised. She had been checking in on them whenever she had the chance.
   “Andi, I’m not sure quite how to say this,” Raye began.
   “What’s wrong?” Andi asked.
   “I was off yesterday, and someone in my company took it upon themselves to take over your case when I wasn’t there.”
   “Has something happened?”
   “Yes,” Raye sighed. “Eric managed to speak to your aunt Tabitha and George in the office, they signed paperwork.”
   “Raye?” he asked. “What is it?”
   “They’ve put you both up for adoption Andi,” Raye said in disbelief. “I’m not sure how, or why this has happened but I’m going to fix it.”
   “But our parent’s will-”
   “-Andi, I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do right now, Someone has lost all the evidence of your parent’s will, somehow. They reckon that it was stored under a different name or lookup number. Either way they can’t find it, so they can’t prove anything.”
   “You’re kidding right?” Andi asked as he shook his head.
   “I wish I was,” Raye replied. “You’re being moved later today to another temporary placement, so you’ll need to pack your things as soon as you can.”
   “Raye, their funerals are today,” Andi said quietly. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”
   “It’s all been finalised and filled whilst I was away, otherwise I would have fought this,” Raye answered. “I’ll call you later when I know more,” she said as she hung up.

   Gregg stepped outside moments later, and looked at Andi staring at his phone. As he used the crutches to move closer, his brother put his phone back in his pocket and hung his head.
   “What’s wrong?” he asked.
   “Raye called,” Andi began. “Did you know Tabitha and George went out yesterday?”
   “They went food shopping in the morning, why?”
   “They’ve put us in care, that’s why,” he sighed. “We leave tonight.”
   “-I know, but I really don’t want to argue this right now. We’re burying our parents today, it can wait.”
   “Do you know if they even want to come?” Gregg asked.
   “I doubt it,” Andi replied. “It’ll be interesting to see if they do though,” he continued staring at the driveway.

   After a few moments, Gregg followed his gaze and moved slightly so they were standing beside each other.
   “Adalyn said she was on her way,” he said quietly.
   “I heard that too,”
   “Can I ask you something?”
   “Of course,” Andi smiled faintly. “You’ve never questioned that before,”
   “I never asked a question I didn’t really want the answer to until now,” Gregg said sighing. Andi glanced at him, unsure how to reply he stood in silence and waited. “I was just wondering, if it was really obvious.”
   “If what was obvious?”
   “The cuts and bruises,” he paused. “Are they really noticeable?”
   Andi bit his lip and took a deep breath, wondering how best to answer, he thought for a moment.
   “Yes,” he replied honestly. “But they’re getting better each day, it’s really only the more severe ones that are showing now.”
   “Oh,” Gregg slid his fingers through his hair and sighed as he felt the gash on his forehead.
   “I think that one’s going to scar,” Andi said awkwardly.
   “Me too,” he agreed sadly.

  The two of them let the silence spread, as neither of them knew what to say next to make the situation they were now in any better. They knew Adalyn and Marian would be furious over Tabitha and George’s decision, but there wasn’t anything that they could do about it.
   Gregg was on Andi’s side though, today was not the day to argue about it all.


   Adalyn stepped out of the taxi, and waved to her brothers who were still waiting on the driveway. As she closed the car door, she smoothed out the wrinkles on the front of her dress and made sure she had everything with her before walking towards them both.
   “You two look smart,” she acknowledged as she hugged them both individually.
   “Addie,” Gregg said slowly.
   “Yes Pea?”
   “Do you promise not to get angry?” Andi said slowly.
   “Is this all a joke? Are mum and dad okay?”
   Gregg shook his head gently and looked back to the house for a moment.
   “I just got a call from Raye,” Andi paused. “She said that Tabitha signed documents yesterday whilst she was off for the day.”
   “What documents?” Adalyn questioned, confusion showing on her face.
   “Ones to put us in care,” Gregg sighed weakly.
   “This isn’t funny you two,” Adalyn took a step back and frowned.
   “I know that, and that’s why I’m asking you not to argue with them today,”
   “Today needs to be about mum and dad,” Andi agreed.
   “I understand that, but they can’t get away with this. It says in mum and dad’s will what they wanted for us all, how could she have done it?”
   “I’m not sure,” Andi replied as he nudged Gregg. Tabitha and George were walking outside checking their home, and ensuring all the windows were shut.

  After a minute or two, they stopped and made their way over to the three of them. Gregg instantly recoiled as they approached, and moved so he had a better view of the road, and Adalyn moved in front of them both.
   “Is it true?” she asked.
   “Is what true?” Tabitha asked in reply.
   “Have you placed the boys up for adoption?”
   “That moved quickly,” Tabitha said as she turned to George. “Didn’t they say that it would go through in a week?”
   “So it is?” Adalyn growled. “How could you?”
   “Addie,” Gregg warned sadly. “Please-”
   “Why does it concern you?” Tabitha asked. “You’ve been in America for how long now? You haven’t been around, you don’t even have an address over here.”
   “Actually I do-” Adalyn replied. “But that’s besides the point, I’ve been around longer than you have in their lives, they are my family, you aren’t.”
   “Addie,” Gregg whispered. “Addie-I can’t-”
   “Gregg?” she said as she turned too him. As she did so, she saw what he was staring at and forced herself to look away as the emotional barrier that her brain had protected her with shattered.

   Two hearses were parking just outside the property, each one with a separate coffin inside.
   “Mum,” Adalyn said as she gazed back at the first one. A white and peach arrangement of flowers spelt out the word ‘Mum’ in front of the wooden box which was decorated with a golden finish around the edges.
   The one behind it, had the word ‘Dad’ spelt in white and blue flowers. Gregg focused on this one the longest, trying to stay calm as he did so.
   “I can’t,” he said quietly, “I can’t do this.”
   “Gregg-” Andi turned to him and saw that he was moving backwards. Retreating away from having to say goodbye.
   Adalyn looked too him too, and moved just in time to support him before he fell with a loss of balance.
   “Gregg it’s okay,” she said softly as tears freely fell across her cheeks.
   “Is it?” he cried out. “Those are our parent’s Addie, mum and dad. It’s both of them, not just one-”
   “-I know,” Adalyn said as she took a deep breath. “And that’s why we need to do this together,” she said turning to Andi. “This is the last thing that we can do for them,”
   “We need to do this,” Andi agreed as he helped Gregg regain his balance.
   “Okay,” Gregg replied weakly.
   With the help of the crutches, he made his way down the driveway side by side with Andi and Adalyn. Tabitha and George nervously walked in step behind them, and were about to step inside the car behind the hearse that Justin was in, but Adalyn stood in front of the door.
   “Family only in this car I’m afraid,” she said bluntly. “You’ll have to make your own way there,” she continued.
   Tabitha, taken aback, was about to retort and answer back but found that George was walking away. Annoyed for many reasons, she stormed off, leaving Adalyn to sit down and close the door in peace.


   Julian stood outside the church with several of his close friends, as they waited for people to show up. Liam, one of Andi and Gregg’s close friends stood beside them alongside his twin, Stuart.
   “You don’t even know if they will want to talk to you,” Kelsey offered. “Maybe we should just head inside and sit down,” she thought aloud.
   “No, I want to stay out here,” Julian said firmly.
   “So do I,” Liam agreed. “They’re on their way from what I heard, so they won’t be long,”
   “Well they don’t usually talk to us,” Stuart said.
   “Why does it matter if they do or don’t? You’re here to support them, they’re going to appreciate that,” Ali-Alex sighed.
   “He’s right,” Liam said as he nodded, and pushed Stuart gently on the shoulder.
   Stuart sighed and held his hands up in a mock surrender, then bowed gracefully as he saw that his brother was about to swipe back in return.
   His messy blonde hair blew in the wind, allowing him to see a little clearer as it moved. He sighed with slight annoyance, and glared at Liam with his piercing blue eyes, to which he laughed and did the same.
   The gaze of calm sky, against his emerald lasted long enough for Kelsey to stand in between the two of them and shake her head.
   “This really isn’t the time for you two to be acting out,” she warned. “People have died, so have a little respect will you?”
   Her long hair was down, and had recently been styled to frame her face and side fringe with layers at the back. She tucked some of the light brown hair behind her right ear and turned to Julian who was continuing to watch people walking up the path.
   “Are you alright?” she asked him. He sighed and shook his head, unwilling to take his eyes off the people arriving.
   “I kind of feel useless right now, I wish I could help them more.”
   “You helped more than you realise,” Willow said as she joined them. “I was wondering where you had all disappeared to, I was sitting by myself in there,” she said as she lightly nudged Julian. “Are you okay?”
   “How do you mean I helped more than I realise?” he asked her.
   “Aren’t you the person that helped contact their sister?”
   “They would have found a way to contact her eventually,” he mumbled in reply.
   “Oh really now? They were trying for over a week and they had no luck at all. It was only Mike thinking of you that really helped,”
   “I guess,” he sighed, not wanting to argue the matter further.


   Liam then looked to his the people he was with, and smiled gently at them.
   “I’ll be back in a minute,” he announced as he stepped forward.
   Kelsey moved out of the way, and he made his way through the stragglers to the bottom of the steps.
   After a few minutes, he saw a small group approaching and waved too them. Brendan was first to reach Liam, who was then followed by Connor and Emma.
   “Everyone else is coming,” Connor announced. “Even my cousin Sophie and her parents,”
   “There’s quite a few people here already, are you sure there’ll be room inside?” Liam asked.
   “To be honest I don’t think it matters,” Emma replied. “I know people will be happy to just be here to support Gregg and Andi like we are.”
   “Although saying goodbye to their mum and dad is also important,” Ryan chimed in.
   “Great, you made it-” Emma said as she relaxed a little. “-I wasn’t sure if you would after the car troubles your dad was having. I was going to get my dad to drop around and see if you needed picking up but we were running late.”
   “Ha,” Ryan chuckled for a moment. “No, I managed to get a lift. I called around, turns out Jess and Leah were travelling together, so I just tagged along with them.
   “Mike’s here too,” Emma said as she spun around to face who was approaching them.


   Mike was walking up the long path, surrounded by several of his friends who he managed to bump into in the car park. Behind him, were their parents, who were anxiously discussing the day ahead and what it would mean for the three children left behind.
   “Have you heard anything from them yet?” Courtney asked anxiously.
   “No, I haven’t seen them since they left ours. I know Emma knows the latest from what I can tell though.”
   “So you don’t know if they’ll be coming back to school in September?” Leah asked. As she did so, she fiddled nervously twirled her long brown hair around her fingers and gazed straight ahead.
   “No, it’s really hard to tell at the moment. I’m not even sure if they know where they’re staying right now, it may not be anywhere near here.”
   Jess sighed and linked arms with Leah as she was also unable to keep the worry from keeping her hands still.
   “It’ll be alright,” she said with concern and uncertainty in her voice.
   “I doubt it,” Mike sighed. “But what else can we do, it’s all down to legal paperwork and adults now.”
   “That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck though,” Sam sighed sadly.
   Jess, upon seeing Sam, slid her free arm through his own and rested her head on his shoulder for a moment as they carried on walking.
   Her shoulder length dark hair stayed behind her headband and ears, which showed off her earrings perfectly, and she looked ahead to Ryan waving at them.
   “Do you think we’re still waiting on anyone?” she asked.
   “By the looks of it, just Ian and Alex,” Leah replied. “Should we save them a seat?”
   “That would be useful actually, I want to talk to them quickly before we go in.”
   “Oh?” Courtney asked. “What about?”
   “I just want to get the four of you in one place, the ones I asked for help with I mean.”
   “So Ryan, Julian and Alex?”
   “And you of course,” Mike said nodding.


   Andi moved around the outside of the car and helped Gregg as he stood with the crutches. As soon as he was standing, he looked up and saw that several people were approaching them; Charlie and Daniel were amongst the group, and all seemed like they had a mission in mind.
   “Gregg, Andi-” Charlie began.
   “Adalyn,” Gregg said indicating to the car door that just opened.
   “We were hoping that you would find a way to contact her,” Daniel sighed with relief.
   “We were wondering if you,” Charlie said as he turned to Andi, “Would be happy supporting either your mum or dad into the church.”
   “It’s okay if you’re not,” Adalyn said as she stood beside him.
   “No,” Andi replied quietly. “No, it’s okay, I’ll do it.”
   Adalyn hugged him briefly, and motioned for Gregg to make his way inside.
   “Come on, we should go and sit down before Tabitha and George get here,” she said smirking.


   Adalyn and Gregg walked up slowly, but paused as he spotted several people standing outside the church.
   “Do you know them?” she asked him. “We can stop for a moment and say hello if you want.”
   Gregg simply nodded in reply, and continued walking.
   Mike was the first to step forward, and welcomed Adalyn’s hug with a smile.
   “I just thought, before you step inside, that you would want to see who helped spread the word and see who was able to come today,” Mike offered.
   “We did what we could,” Alex half-smiled.
   “I know you organised a few people to help out,” Gregg said gratefully, “Thank you.”
   “And, of course, Julian-”
   “-Of course, I never said thank you personally to you for letting me know,” Adalyn said as she stepped forward. “And it was lovely of you to meet me at the airport the other day,”
   “It was the least I could do,” Julian said shyly. Adalyn waved his comment off though, and gave him a hug. As she did so, she whispered something in his ear, which only he could hear.
  ‘You have no idea how much being here right now means to me, thank you for going out of your way to help us.’
   “It’s time to go inside,” Courtney announced.
   Gregg spun around, and saw that she was correct.

   Adalyn then ushered everybody inside the church, though Gregg and Julian stayed behind for a moment.
   “Are you,” Julian wondered. “Are you alright?”
   Gregg started walking once more, this time slower than before.
   “To be honest with you,” Gregg paused as he stole a glance at the funeral procession behind them. “No, and I don’t think I will be for a while.”
   “I don’t think I would be either,” he admitted.
   “Adalyn is right though, we all know she probably wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t called up your friend. We really needed to see her after everything that’s happened, it really does mean a lot that she’s here. So thank you,” Gregg said gratefully.
   Julian smiled, and immediately felt better with Gregg and Adalyn’s words. He had been doubting just how much he had been able to help ever since Mike had asked him, and even though he had managed to get the results that no one else had made, he found he couldn’t shrug the feeling off until that point.


   The wind was blowing softly, allowing the branches of the trees to sway ever so slightly in the breeze. The whole atmosphere was calming and peaceful, but Marian was not.
   She wished that her partner and daughter were with her, they would have told her not to stress out so much and calm her down. They were still in America though, and she had managed to get a last minute flight after finding out the news.
   And, in their emergency fund, there was only enough money to pay for one set of tickets to England and back with barely any left over. It was inevitable that the trip was going to be given to her, being Leia’s sister and all, although that fact made it harder for her to travel-rather than easier.
   Now, she was on her own, and close to arriving to a funeral she never dreamed she would have to attend until the day before.

   She buttoned her black lace cardigan up a little, and wrapped her free hand around her waist to comfort herself a little. Her small suitcase trailed behind her, and although it was light, the colour hurt her eyes.
   It was bright pink, which contrasted her look completely as she was only wearing the one colour. The solemn tone of the day had ensured that she would only wear the dark tone, and had done so since the phone call, and picked up the case.
   Now, as she peered into a nearby window, her ensemble just seemed strange.

   The funerals were to start in ten minutes, and by the looks of it the driver that she had to drop her off hadn’t understood her directions at all-as she was only now seeing signs for the church that it was being held at.
   She sighed with frustration, and wiped the tears that were starting to stream down her face. With defiance, she refused to let them fall, not until she was with her family-not until she could see with her own eyes.
   ‘One more street? How many more are there?’ she asked as she crossed yet another road.
   The traffic was lighter now, and she managed to cross after just one car passed her by.

   Up ahead, she spotted an assortment of different vehicles of varying colours and sizes. She lost count of the numbers, and found herself pausing next to a packed car park for a moment, before realising what it could mean.
   She then combed her soft, long brown hair into a ponytail with her fingers and checked her outfit over.
   The cardigan she was wearing was a thin material, which allowed the short-sleeved dress that was underneath to be shown off effortlessly. A small black bow was tied around her waist, which she uncreased as she stood still.
   Sighing sadly, she reached for the tissues in her handbag and dabbed her eyes for a moment. Even though she had hoped to make it to the church, it was clear that the tears refused to give in, and were falling freely once more.
   Just over five minutes remaining, she picked up her suitcase and started walking briskly as she carried it by a handle on the side itself, thankful that she had decided to wear flat heels instead that day.

   The church loomed in front of her, and she continued to stare at all the cars as she passed them. Just how many people were inside? Surely not all of them were attendees?
   She made her way quickly up the small street, but then stopped as she finally reached the steps of the building she was now no longer sure she wanted to step inside.
   Turning around slowly, she stood at the bottom and gazed at the peaceful scenery-and then at the gravestones. Today was to be the hardest day that she was to endure, along with her niece and nephews.
   With a brave heart, she climbed the stone steps. With each one she climbed, the sinking feeling in her stomach grew, and made the next one harder to take. Half way up, she stopped momentarily, taking a deep breath and urging herself to continue.
   The pit continued to grow within her heart, and so she shut her eyes for a moment and carried on somewhat blindly. After a few seconds though, she opened them once more to see that there was only one more barrier in the way.

   Taking yet another deep breath, she turned the door handle and stepped inside.

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