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Public Plaza / Tired of Death now on Webnovel
« Last post by newchinaren on October 04, 2020, 11:25:14 AM »
One reason I've not been posting stuff lately:

Tired of Death is now contracted to Webnovel!  It is currently (well, on and off) being featured.

All support (in the daily form of votes with Power Stones) welcome and appreciated!
Poets Promenade / Pleas
« Last post by Mister Biz on August 02, 2020, 01:11:21 AM »
Odin, if you could possibly be so kind
Grant me a bit of your wisdom
Maybe it will ease my restless mind
You gave your eye up for it
Give me just a taste, I promise I will find
A way to pay you back
Iíll give you my blood, its pain unrefined

Thor, please, could you help me through the storm
Iím lost in the dark very far from home
Could you light up the sky and illustrate its form
Or let me hold the hammer
Maybe all that power could help me then transform
Maybe then I could find my way
Out of the relentless cold and back into the warm

Freya, goddess of war, help me in my fight
With my inner darkness
That is pouring in to drown out my light
Your the queen of love
And I promise that Iíll be your knight
If I can love myself
Any small amount, no matter how slight

Eir, I come to you Ďcause I know that Iím sick
Pull the poison from my soul
And Iíll give you any reward that you pick
Or give me the cure
Tell me it slow, maybe then it will click
If Iím a lost cause
Give me the news, and please make it quick

I beseech all of the gods, in all of their halls
Can you hear any of my please
Or am I forgotten outside of your gilded walls
Help me to survive
And I will answer every one of your calls
Please tell me that you care
And weíre more than your little mortal dolls
Phoenix Chronicles / Re: Unplanned shorts. [2-5 Minute reads]
« Last post by Phoenix on July 22, 2020, 08:09:52 PM »
Has anyone else had a chance to catch up on the entries above? I don't want to swamp it and put people off. :shrug:
Tomecraft threads / Re: Let's Play Tomecraft
« Last post by newchinaren on July 20, 2020, 10:17:25 AM »
I bought a new laptop the other day, which can run Minecraft at a decent speed, finally.

So at long last I'm back digging!

OMG, so much has changed!  :wtf:

So if there's a Tomecraft server out there still...
Phoenix Chronicles / Re: Unplanned shorts. [2-5 Minute reads]
« Last post by Phoenix on July 16, 2020, 10:50:35 PM »
Have two more entries to put up, which I'll do tomorrow after I'm back home from work. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up too, currently three days behind.

And thanks Saint!  :thanks: I actually thought that one was one of the weaker ones so far, I had a vague idea in my head for it and to me I didn't quite pull it off as I was writing it. Glad you're enjoying them though!  :thumb:
Phoenix Chronicles / 'Learning to fly.'
« Last post by Phoenix on July 11, 2020, 11:22:43 PM »
   If I were a superhero, what would my powers be?
   Would I be invisible? Able to hide and sneak into the movies undetected? Be able to skip school or get out of trouble whenever I needed to?
   Would I be strong? Able to pick up any object, no matter what the weight of it was, with ease?
   I could be psychic, or be able to control certain elements. I could even teleport around, or merge through walls if I wanted.

   The problem with most of them, is that if you were planning to hide your ability, some would be harder to hide than others. Personally, for me, I would merge two together; being able to fly, and be able to lift items normal people wouldnít. Not strong enough to pick up any item, but enough to save people if it was needed.
   By combining those two, I wouldnít be overpowered or greedy. Some would love to have any number, choosing to be the Ďultimateí superhero, but as an introvert I just couldnít do that.
   Instead, I have always thought to myself that it would be easier and better to just control one or two things instead of having a scattering of everything that I could think of at that particular time.

   Learning to fly has always been my dream. I love the cold breeze, and as I look up to the sky all I can see is a wide open space, almost endless filled with freedom. Which, at home I rarely get to myself.
   The atmosphere just seems so peaceful and calm, and a complete contrast to everything on earth that Iím used to.
   Itís just a shame that superheroes, and powers are just something out of a fantasy tale.
Phoenix Chronicles / Re: Unplanned shorts. [2-5 Minute reads]
« Last post by Saint on July 11, 2020, 09:16:56 AM »
Had a read through these finally.  I do like the vague and cryptic portrayal of the characters.  Particularly enjoyed the 'Another Day Full of Fun' piece.
Phoenix Chronicles / 'Pretending isnít as easy as it first appears.'
« Last post by Phoenix on July 10, 2020, 11:08:39 PM »
   I used to enjoy spending time with my friends and family. We were a close knit group, who went on regular days out. And, as an active group, it was strange for us to stay home on the weekends. Which was normal for us all for well over ten years.
   Unfortunately, due to my mothersí work, we were forced to move far away from everything to a town only a stone throw away from the beach. Though it was easy to still get exercise, it was also strange and didnít take long for both my father and I to lose interest. Which grew on my mumís limited patience as a result.

   As a young teenager, I eventually grew up to resent her as I didnít agree with anything that she said. The annoying thing was, even though I started off defending my actions, I gradually pacified myself and settled for battling internally as it was far less effort and hassle.
   It certainly wasnít as if I wanted to do so mind, in fact most of the time a lot of the people I spoke to didnít understand her methods or agree with her, but-like me, they realised the battle was simply not worth it in the end.

   One of the choices that I grew to resent her over, was over my hair and choice of clothes. As a child that wasnít given any option, it was beyond frustrating when all I wanted to do was to buy things that I actually liked.
   As a treat one year, my dad actually took me out shopping and asked me what I wanted to wear. He told me not to worry about what mum would say as he was on my side over the whole thing and felt that it was unfair for her views to be pushed onto me the way they were.
   We made a day out of it in the end, and I picked out several outfits, which I thought would be acceptable. As we stepped through the front door of our home though, we were greeted by my mum who had a stern expression seemingly plastered on her face, who had her arms folded across her chest.
   After only a few minutes of coming home, my father quickly realised that his words meant nothing to her any more. Instead, they were washed over so fast he lost track of what he was saying several times as he failed repeatedly to get his point across. Though it didnít take long for him to give up, forcing me to surrender the bags that I was hoping to keep and take upstairs.
   The clothes and shoes which had been carefully folded and put away inside them, every inch of the fabric and items were strictly scrutinised over. Not that it mattered, none of what I had chosen was deemed good enough to keep.
   Sure enough, the very next day it was all returned, and exchanged for things that were then thrown in the back of my cupboard and are still there now from what I remember.

   Since then, Iíve learnt that sometimes itís just easier to go along for the ride. To go along with what some people are saying just to avoid arguments, even though pretending isnít as easy as it first appears.
Phoenix Chronicles / 'Fight for what you believe in.'
« Last post by Phoenix on July 09, 2020, 07:20:27 PM »
   At home Iím expected to be the perfect child- the one who obeys my parents without question, even though I strongly disagree with almost everything they say.
   Me and my sister were raised in a specific and strict way, where our opinions didnít matter, only our elders did. And, even though countless times they were proved wrong over a situation that could have easily been avoided, they still stuck to their beliefs. Adamant that they were right all along, which they werenít.
   One occasion only a year ago, my birthday was fast approaching. I spoke with my parents, with other people in the room as I did so, about having a couple of friends over during the afternoon so that we could sit down in the nice weather outside. They agreed, and set about making plans for the day, for what I thought was what we had all agreed upon.

   On the day though, I found out rather early in the morning, that they had arranged to go and see a long lost family member. One that I had seen only once before when I was very young, and who I barely remembered as a result. It was during the discussion with them, that they had made the day a family day instead, where it was likely that we werenít going to be home much before the early evening.
   As I listened to the new plans, which I hadnít been apart of, I recoiled with frustration and a full blown argument followed. But, as usual, I had wasnít given any other option than to go along and put a smile on my face. Even though it was clearly not what I wanted at all, and deep down they knew it.
   In all the turmoil and late notice, I ended up going without being able to tell my friends that I was being dragged out for the day. And so, they appeared at my house, gifts in hand, at the time they agreed with, to find that nobody was in.

   I later found out that day, that my dad actually Ďplanned aheadí for me, and left instructions for them to leave the presents that they brought along to be left in a sheltered spot in our back garden. And, after an uncomfortable day of pretending that I was enjoying myself when I wasnít, it was a bitter sweet sight to see a number of brightly wrapped items brought in by him instead of the people I had been hoping to see that day instead.
   Even though my friends understood what had happened, it didnít ease the fact that I resented them. It made me realise that it didnít really matter to them what I wanted, and that sometimes itís better if you just fight for what you believe in.
Phoenix Chronicles / Re: Unplanned shorts. [2-5 Minute reads]
« Last post by Phoenix on July 08, 2020, 10:43:07 PM »
Thanks Angel!  :lovedance:
It means a lot that you were able to come on here and share some love. I know it's kind of an odd thread right now, mostly because work and everything else has (up until now) sucked the life out of everything. I'm only really now trying to make the time to do things like this every night.

A side note, two of the current entries are from the same person. I'm not saying which ones though.  :pointandlaugh:
Probably two you wouldn't expect though.
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