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Welcome Hall / Re: Say Hello! :)
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:24:30 PM »
Hello. Have some welcome balloons. :balloons:
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The Peoples' Arena / Re: Caption competition!
« on: March 30, 2017, 06:22:51 PM »
"Trust me, all the cool kids ride these..."
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Sorcery Square / Chapter 1 - Why?
« on: July 23, 2016, 07:03:35 PM »
Ashpale was a kingdom off in the distance that shouldn't ever have really affected anyone's life.  Its walls were tall, its customs were old, and its food was remarkably bland.  To visit it, you'd probably note how everyone seemed the same.  You'd point out in jest that it was like these people were simply drones, controlled by one mind and never like to change as long as time itself kept ticking.  In part, you'd be right.  Or at least, if you'd made the same observation a year ago, you'd be exactly right.

Our story begins almost a year after an event so breathtakingly revolutionary that next to no-one even realised it happened.  The exact details are not important at the moment – perhaps they'll come to light later, or perhaps they'll be another tale entirely – but it was (just over) a year ago today that the people of Ashpale got their free will returned to them.  It was a day everyone would remember, even though for a long while, no-one would realise why.

The people of Ashpale – actually to make the story simpler, let's focus on our main character here, but as you're reading, be aware that this was the case for each inhabitant of the kingdom.  Lumine Fourteen, a man just out of school and just into work, was two hours into his job at the time.  His farmhand job was dull and uninviting, but it was manual, it required little thought, and it paid enough to keep the roof over his head and the food in his stomach.  As he stepped into the pen with the pigs like he always did at that time, he wondered for just the most brief of moments why he'd opened the gate.  He knew, of course, that he'd opened the gate to step into the pen, but somewhere in the far edge of his mind, he wondered why he did.

When the moment passed though, he scolded his temporary lapse in concentration and returned to the pigs.

And yet from that moment on, even though he continued about his day to day business just as he always did, that one word would poke around in his consciousness just regularly enough to be considered relevant.




That's not the beginning of the story.  That was simply the event which set the story into motion.  No, our story starts on an average day that would very quickly become a remarkable day because of that one word that had followed him around his daily business.  Lumine did what he did every day, he woke and got ready, he travelled to work, he greeted the farm's owner, a bland and yet imposing man named Dakin.  Dakin was as stereotypical as one would expect a farmer to be, tall and muscled, with a consistently dirty face and nails which were eternally filthy.  He smelled as horrific as someone who lived in shit (but to his credit, he almost literally did) although Lumine barely noticed it as he worked on the farm himself. Dakin gave Lumine the same list of tasks he gave him every day, and Lumine went about them as usual.  Today, however, the word why was no longer at the back of his mind.  Today it plagued him.  Today would be the day he finally let it escape.

He ticked off his tasks one by one, and he wondered on each.  He pondered, and this was a new experience, because although he knew the reasons each job must be done, he finally understood what it was about the word why that intrigued him so.  It wasn't why the tasks must be done that caught him out.  After a year of thought, and for no reason in particular, Lumine realised at last that his question wasn't “Why?” but rather “Why me

The more he thought about it, the more tempted he became to speak it out loud  Maybe he should ask Dakin why he was the one who had to do his list of jobs.  Why couldn't Dakin get someone else to do them?  It wasn't that he didn't want to do them, but simply that he wanted to know.  It felt wrong to have these thoughts that no-one else had, or at the very least that no-one admitted.

Was this a concept that no-one knew, or was it that no-one dared?

Dakin would be in the fields by now, overseeing the workers there.  The question nagged him.  Whereas before it had been like a bad ache, now it was more like a woodpecker had fused to his arm and was not content unless the bone was exposed.  Lumine realised here that he'd actually already made up his mind.  He was going to ask.

Would Dakin even know the answer?  Would he give it freely if he did?  It didn't matter.  Lumine had found an opinion, and there was an overwhelming urge to express it.

He trudged toward the orchard, knowing now full well that he was about to change his life, maybe even many lives, forever.


So my Decision Point was going to be whether he asks Dakin or not, but that's a pretty obvious answer there.  Intstead, I need you tell me how Dakin reacts.  Does he even know what Lumine is talking about?  What is his response?
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