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Phoenix Chronicles / Re: Unplanned shorts. [2-5 Minute reads]
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:16:56 AM »
Had a read through these finally.  I do like the vague and cryptic portrayal of the characters.  Particularly enjoyed the 'Another Day Full of Fun' piece.

Angel's Cottage / Re: Where have you been?
« on: June 28, 2020, 11:09:27 PM »
I have no such excuses, I've just dropped off the face of the planet voluntarily.  I have been dabbling in visual novels in the interim, so maybe you'll see one  of those pop up [desc=By which I mean not at all soon, as they take much much more work to do.]soon[/desc].  Not too sure on that one since I'll basically have to upload it as an unsigned unverified program that you'd have to install to run.

Role play / Re: TCDnD Lite: Episode I - The RLemlin Menace
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:33:46 PM »
This post reserved for character sheets.

Role play / TCDnD Lite: Episode I - The RLemlin Menace
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:27:09 PM »
Okay so the last one was a bit rules heavy, so I'm posting this one and simplifying it.  Here's how it's gonna go.

You make your character, anything goes.  You wanna be a powerful sorcerer? Fine.  Thrilling Noir detective? Okay, go.  Snivelling coward with literally no backstory?  You do you.  Make the character you want to make, don't worry about them fitting with the other; it's my job to make sure everyone has options at all times, so if you're a thief and everyone else is a war-wizard from the planet Krug, I'll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to be sneaky.

Each character will have two skills and two weaknesses.  You must let me know these before you start.  From there, anything goes.  You write what you want your character to do, then roll a d20.  I'll use that roll to determine how successful your action was, then move the story on, then it's anybody's turn.  Rinse and repeat.  As you post you'll level up, and each level will let you add 1 to your roll.  I'll let you know when you've posted enough to level up.

NaNoWriMo / Day 30: 30 Nov
« on: December 01, 2019, 04:30:17 PM »
[offtopic]Yet another day without my files,  but let’s get back to the story, shall we?[/offtopic]

“So it must be tough,” I said as we left, “not having a filter for that.”

Ciara seemed taken aback by this; she stopped for a second, still holding my hand.  Her eyes were trained on the floor, and when she started moving again, it was clear that I was leading.  I moved us toward The Botanist’s abode

[offtopic]I was hoping for more on the very last day of the challenge, but there's the successful completion, which as you can see by the half finished sentence it ends on, I fell asleep writing.  I'll probably keep going with writing something every day (that was the point of this exercise, after all) but I will be abandoning this thread, instead moving to the more traditional chapter format in my main thread.  Which means I have some editing to do because this topic is a few chapters ahead. Id give you my final wordcount, since it was a nano challenge of sorts, but I cant without my files.  Pretty sure it was about 15k.[/offtopic]

NaNoWriMo / Day 29: 29 Nov
« on: November 30, 2019, 12:22:38 AM »
[offtopic]Still haven’t retrieved the files, so here’s some character stuff that probably won’t make it in.[/offtopic]

Slightly NSFW stuff below.  Nothing hardcore, but skip this if you're of the fainter heart.  It's canon, set about eight years before the story, but not actually part of the main story.

“Ciara, dear, can you come down here for a moment?” called a slightly slurred and shrill voice from downstairs.  Ciara rolled over in bed and pulled the covers up over her head.  Not this again.  The front door slammed, and the stairs thumped one by one as she climbed upwards.  Not these thoughts.  She did not want to hear any of these thoughts.  “Ciara!” She screamed, at the top of the stairs now.  “Wakey wakey, I need your gifts.”

The covers were gripped tightly around her.  She tried her best to squeeze her eyes shut and think of shouting.  Sometimes it masked the creeping voices she didn’t want to hear.  Sometimes.  Rarely.  The door was locked, so if she could just wait this out, it might all blow over.

“Cici, Mommy needs you to use your magic.”

Cici.  She only ever called her that when she wanted something.  It used to be a cute pet name, but as the years passed, it had become lost to sober thoughts, only ever there when alcohol was involved.  There was a slump against the door, and the handle rattled.

“Ciara Ophelia Vallin open this door; you will do what I say!” came the barked command.  Five seconds from a cutesy nickname to a made up middle name.  Ciara kept shouting inside her mind.  It was becoming a chant.  I don’t want those thoughts.  I don’t want those thoughts.  I don’t want those thoughts.

Her mother hit the door, hard and loud.

“Open up!”

The noise startled her from her chant, and before she could return to it, her mind was invaded by the thought of the man waiting downstairs for her mother.  He looked like a god had personally chiselled him out of tan stone, and had been particularly generous with the bulge.  Ciara continued the chant and tried her best not think of the image she’d just received, not in the least because from experience she knew that the guy never looked like that.

“Oh heyyyy Tomtom,” she hummed.  Again Ciara was startled out of the chant.  ‘Stupid girl would do anything for you I bet.  How about I leave the front door open and tell her you got out?

The power was both a blessing and a curse.  Ciara always knew everyone’s intentions.  There was no bluffing in your own mind.  Her mother stood outside her door demanding her attention, and Ciara now knew that any second, an ultimatum would be delivered.  Except it was genuine.  She couldn’t go back to blocking out the world now, because she couldn’t hide behind the lie that even drunk, there was no way her mother would hurt Tomtom.

“What do you want?” Ciara called out.

“Come make sure this bloke isn’t going to rob us.”  And her mind filled with thoughts of just how badly he mother wanted that man inside her, with his hands all over her body, panting in her ear and sweat dripping them and oh god Ciara wanted that to stop but her mother’s mind was consumed by it and so that all she could hear.  Tomtom rubbed against Ciara’s bare leg, his soft and warm fur enough of a distraction to let her focus directly on going back into her room to grab her dressing gown.

The gown was thick and warm, and covered up more than the t-shirt she’d been sleeping in, but as she stepped out into the corridor again, she still felt gooseflesh running along her legs.  Her mother’s thoughts remained static and disgusting, and she hoped to everything that she’d stay behind as Ciara walked down to the front door.  No such luck, and the images persisted.

Ciara could hear his thoughts through the door, they were so loud and obvious.  He was thinking of nothing but what her mother was thinking of.  He waited outside in the porch, sitting on a deckchair, and he was thinking of all the things he wanted to do when he got in.  This one was a stone cold cougar, he was thinking, and he couldn’t wait to…  Ciara almost vomited a little in her mouth.  He literally couldn’t wait, his hands were massaging…  Ugh.  How much had these two had to drink?

“He just wants what you want” Ciara spat, eager to return to bed and hopeful that having a room on the other end of the house meant she wouldn’t hear. 

“No, ashk him,” she slurred.  “About the stealing thin-”

In aid of ending this encounter as soon as possible, Ciara opened the door.  His hand shot up and he looked straight at Ciara.  She caught his glance, and he thought ‘Jackpot.’  A grin spread across his face, which looked nothing like in her mother’s delusions.  The guy couldn’t have been older than 20, and he were a suit at least two sizes too big for him that didn’t do him any favours at all.

He was fixated on Ciara’s shins, and trying to make his mind follow the legs upwards through the robe.

“You’re not going to rob us are you?” she spat out in disgust.

He barely registered the question.  His mind was on things that made Ciara feel filthy just being near him.  He stood and Ciara turned to her mother.

“Please don’t let him in.”

“Is he going to schteal from us?”

“What?  No, but mom I really don’t trust h-” and on that Ciara’s mother pushed her out onto the deck and grabbed the guy by his loose tie, dragging him in.  He reached for Ciara as he was lead in, but she snapped her arm away.

“Fuck off I’m not some whore like her,” she sniped out before she could stop herself.  In an instant, Ciara felt fury and disappointment come from the two people before her.  Her mother yanked the guy inside, and just before she shut the door, gave Ciara a glare filled with enough venom to down a bear.  ’I’ll show you, bitch.’

And then any disappointment she heard in the guy’s mind that he’d missed a ‘MILFbait three way,’ as he briefly called it, was dissolved as her hands slid into his trousers.  Ciara ran as far away as quickly as she could, desperate to get away from the disgusting thoughts that those two had wrapped around themselves.

She walked through the cold, every step hurting as pavement stones dug into he soles of her feet.  With no idea where she was walking except for away from home, and the dim streetlights with the occasional flicker hanging overhead, she made it as far as the end of her road before she crouched down and started sobbing.

“Now, now,” cooed a reassuring voice from around the corner.  “A superhero shouldn’t be at burden from their powers like that.”  Ciara looked towards the source of the voice, and saw a man walking towards her, holding out his coat.  Her immediate reaction was to pull away, but his thoughts were calming.  He knew she’d be here.  He was waiting for her, and he was feeling genuine remorse for her.  He’d hoped Blaine’s predictions were wrong, even though they never were.  Whoever this man was, he was ready to help her, and sad that he had to.  She took the coat, but didn’t look at his face.  These thoughts he was thinking were warming, and she didn’t want to know how he was trying to present himself, because this empathy she felt was what she needed right now.

“Thank you, sir.  Can I ask your name?”

“My name is Thunderhand, and I have a proposition for you.”

NaNoWriMo / Day 28: 28 Nov
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:21:53 PM »
[offtopic]Laptop died and I don’t have the energy at 11PM to fight it to get my files back just yet, so for now, here’s a scene from much later.[/offtopic]

[spoiler=Possible Ending]Snow drifted down ever so lazily over the institute, as if unsure it should even land.  We hadn’t had snow in December in these parts for years, but there it was as I woke, much to my surprise.  I walked over and stuck my hand out of the window to let a flake land on my palm.  It chilled me, and melted instantly.  I couldn’t help but think ‘If I’d jumped,  I’d have never experienced this,’  Maybe Ciara had a point this whole time.  Maybe something every day was enough.  Even something as small as a snowflake on my palm.

It was the first time in longer than I could remember that I’d woken up with these thoughts.  Hopeful thoughts.

Maybe it did get better. [/spoiler]

NaNoWriMo / Day 27: 27 Nov
« on: November 27, 2019, 11:12:23 PM »
She looked good in it.

I saw her blush slightly as she heard that thought.

“Shall we go and talk to The Botanist?” I asked, looking to distract from everything that was unfurling around me.  I’d never been amazing socially, and meeting three new people in one day while accidentally mentally flirting with another I’d met just the day before was beginning to cloud my senses.  Ciara obviously picked up on that, because she took my hand and led me towards the door.

NaNoWriMo / Day 26: 26 Nov
« on: November 27, 2019, 11:11:39 PM »
After a few moments, I learned that the explosion came from the toaster.  Apparently it wasn’t working fast enough for Pyrex, and it came as a surprise to him (but no-one else) that magical flame and electronics don’t mix well.

“Things are always a little hectic around here.  In this house especially,” Void Jumper said to me, as she shot Pyrex a scathing look.

“Fine fine I’ll buy a new one,” he groaned. 

“Get a four-slice,” said a voice from the door that Maxine had run out of, as the shy brunette catgirl came slinking back in.  “Maybe it’ll work quicker.”  She saw that I was still sanding there and avoided my gaze, something I seemed to be getting a lot of lately.

“Oh, I avoid everyone’s gaze,” said Ciara from behind me.  “and Maxy takes a while to get used to you.  You shouldn’t be so offended.”

“I thought you were going to stop doing that,” I scolded.  I turned to see her standing in the doorway I’d come in through.  She’d done her hair up this morning, so that it was curled and waved around her chest, and wore another summer dress, this one with a red flowery pattern climbing up one side.

NaNoWriMo / Day 25: 25 Nov
« on: November 25, 2019, 10:45:31 PM »
“Whoah,” I cried out, “Uncle, uncle!”

“Who are you?” the girl demanded.  “Why are you here?!”

“I’m new to the institute,” I pleaded through the pain as I felt my shoulders fit to burst.  “Darklight, Ciara sent me down here to check on the explosion.”

She out more pressure on my arms, and for a second I thought they were going to pop out of the sockets.  Then she let go.  I instantly started massaging them.

“ASB?” she asked, still behind me as I stumbled forwards.  Pyrex still had fire pointed in my direction.  The other girl had left already.

“Excuse me?”

“Like ASL from the old chatrooms.  Age, Superpower, Backstory.  We used to say ‘sob-story’, but if you can spell, you probably see why we stopped.

“Yeah,” laughed Pyrex, “Show us your ASS!”

“Thank you, Brandon, for explaining the joke and completely ruining it.”

“The boss says you have to use my superhero name!” Pyrex snapped, dousing the flame with a clenched fist and raising it to her.  She appeared beside him and put her hand calmly on his, looking at me inquisitively as she did so.

“Justin Reinhart, Darklight.  Twenty two.  I can manifest the spirits of the dead.  I have no backstory.”

“Bull,” she called.  “Thunderhand personally selects everyone here.  He doesn’t take you unless you’re damaged, and I don’t like working with people I can’t trust.  So tell me, what’s your backstory?”

This woman was very confident in the way she spoke, and her tone conveyed authority.  Perhaps it was the burn in my shoulders, or perhaps the stern look that cut right through me, but something made me want to tell her everything.  I didn’t, instead I just went with:

“I’m suicidal.”  Her guard came down for the briefest of seconds, and sympathy leaked through before she steeled back up again.

“I’m Void Jumper, thirty, I teleport.  I used to rob banks.  This is Pyrex, fourteen, heats things up.”

“Pyromancer!  I’m a pyromancer.  You make it sound so trivial.”

“As you can see, he has no social graces at all.  Thunderhand pulled him out of his parents’ home as it was burning down about six years back.  That girl who you scared off is Maxine, she’s the same age as you.  She can summon animals, but her power takes a lot out of her, so I suggest you never ask her to see it.  Sounds like you’ve already met Mindflayer, the mindreader who can’t switch it off.”

“That was very upfront.”

“Like I said, we all have baggage, that’s why we’re here.  I like to save people the trouble of asking.”

NaNoWriMo / Day 24: 24 Nov
« on: November 24, 2019, 11:17:50 PM »
“Why don’t you grow the hell up?”

“Why don’t you chill the hell out?”

“Guys, guys, both of you calm down.”

I walked trepidatiously toward the war downstairs.  It seemed to be coming from the living room, and I trudged over the hardwood flooring through the door.  They were still shouting at each other as I opened it.

“Flay, tell Pyrex to-”  The girl who said that was staring straight at me.  She had long rich brunette hair, was short but well endowed, and wearing a Japanese-style school uniform straight out of an anime.  Her face looked young, and the cat ears she wore on her head only helped that perception.  Her hands shook as I stood there, terror on her face.

She was pointing directly at a much younger boy with fiery red hair and heavy acne, clad in a crimson suit.  The blazer, trousers and tie all matched, leaving the white shirt the only oddity.  Even his glasses rims were the same shade of red.  As soon as he saw me, a flame came to this left hand.  I noticed the right one was bandaged, not a scrap of skin was showing.

The third person was the oldest of the three, not much older than myself.  She stood between the two others, seemingly trying to break them up before I came in and froze the room.  Her hair was shorter, a pixie cut dyed white.  She towered over the other two by at least a foot, and had a glaringly obvious scar running from her cheek down her neck and into the top of her t-shirt.

For just a second, the three of them were silently staring at me, eyes darting around in panic.  Simultaneously, the tall girl vanished, the cat girl turned and ran, and the fiery boy raised the flame in his hand and pointed it at me like one would point a rifle.  He had my full attention until I felt someone grab at my arms from behind.  I had no time to react before I was completely motionless, my shoulders suddenly aching as she twisted both away from me.

NaNoWriMo / Day 23: 23 Nov
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:15:04 PM »
[offtopic]I've been pretty distracted this weekend trying to deal with a dead phone, so this is pretty minimal, and a day late, but this is what I managed to get out yesterday.[/offtopic]

“I’m lost.”

“I’m going to go put my face on, why don’t you go down and introduce yourself?”

The shouting persisted from downstairs, I could hear three different voices mangled together in chaos.

NaNoWriMo / Day 22: 22 Nov
« on: November 23, 2019, 08:01:10 PM »
“You seem like this isn’t the first time you’ve given this speech.  Is this how you save people?  Bring up their deepest troubles and tell them it’ll all get better?”  I didn’t mean that to come out so venemous, but she recoiled at those words.

“No, it’s what my therapist tells me.”  Well there was a slice of humble pie.

“You mean you’ve tried?”

“No.  But my parents think I will, ever since my sister did.”  And so began one of our trademark awkward silences.  I feel like in a few hours I’d learned more about this girl than I’d learned about anyone else, ever.  Suddenly it made sense; I hadn’t exactly been discreet about my intentions, but she saw all the signs, and tried her best to help me.  Maybe that’s what I was missing in my life.  She loosened up a little after that thought.

“If I let you crash in the room opposite mine, can you promise me you’ll still be there in the morning?  I’ll try not to invade your thoughts anymore, but controlling this power is hard.”

“I promise.”  I don’t know what made me say it, but I do know that I meant it.

[Chapter break]

There are many great ways to wake up.  Birdsong.  The smell of fried breakfast.  Your lover beside you.  Explosions don’t make that list.

Panic welled up as I threw off the covers to the chattering and gasping of the voices.  The room was bare, and I’d slept in my clothes, so I darted quickly to the door.  The house was full of shouting and screaming that I didn’t have time to process yet, and I heard crashes from downstairs.  I immediately summoned a tendril in front of me, and was on my way to the stairs when Ciara walked out of her room in flannel Pjs, stretching and yawning calmly.

“Sorry, I should have warned you about the housemates.  You can put the spooky tentacle away, that was just Pyrex.”

“The jug?”

“See, I told him that name was stupid.  No, the super.”

Futuristic Skies / Re: Apocolypto (WT)
« on: November 22, 2019, 08:40:52 AM »
I always enjoy watching your characters royally fuck up stealth missions, so that's my vote.

NaNoWriMo / Re: Something Every Day - Daily Tracking Thread
« on: November 22, 2019, 12:11:35 AM »
Caught up Saint.  Sorry, RL been a bit busy lately, but I'm still hanging on!

RLemlins suck.  To be honest, with me posting [desc=Hehe, it's funny because it's true.]something every day[/desc], I'm surprised anyone's still reading; that's normally the way to scare people off.

NaNoWriMo / Day 21 : 21 Nov
« on: November 22, 2019, 12:10:01 AM »
“It’s nothing to worry yourself about,” I lied.  Of course she could tell, but I wanted at least the illusion of keeping some things to myself.  “My life is shit, my powers make me a target, and I can’t get a moment to myself.  No-one would care if I stopped breathing.”

“That’s not true.  Someone would care.”

“Oh yeah?” I snapped and turned, stopping dead in my tracks.  “My mom hated my very existence, but thank fuck she’s dead and I don’t have to deal with that shit anymore.  My dad hasn’t spoke to me since the funeral which I didn’t attend.  I had no friends at school, I’ve never had a job, and my only hobby is wandering these damn streets doing what I think I should be doing with these powers that I have.  Anyone I save gets the hell away from me as soon as they’re able, because the guy with the shadow tentacles is obviously going to flip and kill everyone one day.  Tell me one person in that whole scenario who’d give a shit.”

He face soured gradually through the speech, and her cloudy eyes grew bloodshot as she tried desperately to hold back something.

“You’re not going to magically get better.  Scars like that don’t heal overnight.  All I’m asking is that you find something.  You might think you’re worthless to the world, or that the world doesn’t want you any more, but can’t you think of something you did today that made someone’s life better?”

[Relevant response based on outcome of first job.]

“Well you met me.  You made my life better.  So that’s something.  You don’t just get a revelation that changes your view of the world.  But you can chose to see how you get better just a little bit every day.  If you can do something every day...” and she trailed off.

NaNoWriMo / Day 20: 20 Nov
« on: November 21, 2019, 12:26:03 AM »
That sounded nice.  It had been a few weeks since I had a warm bed.  You’d think saving lives would be a rewarded and respected job, but surprisingly enough, it didn’t pay well.  I’d not paid my rent for a while, and landlords frown upon that.  For about two weeks, I’d been sleeping rough, and when you were stopping crimes by daylight and curling up in an abandoned construction site with a thin blanket by night, it really warps your perception of the world.

“Look, I don’t want to be the nosy intruder, but I can’t keep this to myself anymore.  Your thoughts are dark.  They’re not healthy, not at all,” Ciara said as we walked.  “You don’t have to tell me your story if you don’t want to, that’s your choice.  But please tell someone.”

“My life’s pretty fucked up.  Don’t worry, I know it gets better.”

“You don’t believe that and we both know it.”

A power play from the mind reader.  I wanted to be angry about that.  My thoughts are my thoughts and she’d promised to stay out.  Nothing came when I tried to snap at her though.  I just…  wasn’t mad about it.

“I want to.”

That was truthful.  Probably about as honest as any of my dark thoughts ever got.  I wanted to believe that life gets better, but here my life was, at every turn getting worse.

“Help is out there, Darkli-  No, what’s your real name?”  she looked straight at me again, those blue pupils piercing through my insecurities.

“Justin.  Justin Reinhart.”

“Justin, get help.”

NaNoWriMo / Day 19: 19 Nov
« on: November 20, 2019, 08:07:05 AM »
“You haven’t said a word.  Do you want to talk about what just happened?”  We’d pulled in to the institute now.  I doubt she could get much cohesively from reading my mind because right now even I didn’t know what I was thinking about.  I just wanted to lie down, that was all I knew for certain.

“We’ll talk when I can think,” I told her sombrely.  “Where do I go to get lodging here?”

“This late?  I’m pretty sure the Botanist is long asleep by now.”  The moon hung high in the sky, shining brightly on the cold and crisp air that even seeped through the car’s windows.  There were clouds filling in the dot-to-dot puzzles made up by the stars, [Bad metaphor, think of something else in editing] trailing wisps across the sky above.  “I could drop you back at your place?”  I don’t have a place.  “Or there’s a spare room across the hall from mine, I don’t think anyone would mind you crashing.”

NaNoWriMo / Re: Something Every Day - Daily Tracking Thread
« on: November 19, 2019, 05:45:27 PM »
So I decided to skip the rest of this scene for now and write the scene after he gets back to the institute, but in outlining the synopsis for the scene, I found I had two different endings for the first job in mind, which may well be why I was having such trouble writing it.  In that respect, I'll drop a poll up with the two options.  I'll leave it open ended and collect the results when I'm ready to write the rest of the scene.

I've dropped the options in spoiler tags, on the unlikely event someone doesn't want to know until they read it.

Synopsis for the scene to be skipped.

-Ciara can’t fight, Darklight is on his own.

-Big chaotic scene

Option A – Dramatic Character Building
-Voices get overwhelming.

-Darklight loses control of his powers, tentacles start attacking everything

-Ciara reads Darklight’s mind to help him calm and control the voices and tentacles.

-Mob gets away, recurring villain?

-Devestated by the reactions and damage, Darklight heads to roof of mall to try once more, Ciara talks him down.

Option B – Big Triumphant Fight Scene
-Ciara pulls fire alarm to get civilians out.

-Darklight fights off looters, incapacitating some in small numbers.

-Too many people, Darklight stops fighting because he’s unable to distinguish civilians.

-Ciara reads his mind to communicate with the shadowy powers, able to direct them towards minds of looters.

-Looters incapacitated, civilians able to flee.  Scene ends with metal shutters closing and Ciara’s hands on Darklight’s temple, helping him maintain his hold.  [Kiss now too cheesy?][/spoiler]

NaNoWriMo / Day 18: 18 Nov
« on: November 19, 2019, 05:06:20 PM »
It was late when we finally caught wind of them.  A few had filtered in, mingling among the crowds.  Throughout the day we’d met with each of the undercover officers – there were three in all – and they seemed to be of the impression that for a raid to go down this late, the looters would be mainly targetting the full tills rather than the stock.  A cursory probing of the early arrivers’ minds confirmed this.  Some had their eyes on TVs, jewellery, video games, but two in particular had their minds on the tills. 

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