Update: 23/4/2017

-The weekly word goal for this week (which runs from the 21st-28th April) is 2,000 words, with a reward of 70 groats.

-We are in the process of slightly redesigning the homepage. Links will then be available for past and current New Tome City newsletters.

-Newsletters, past and current are going to be hopefully moved to their own webpage for easy viewing. We are in the process of setting this page up.

Update: 20/4/2017

-Our latest blog entry is now out, you can click here to catch up. In the latest update, New Tome City is formed and built with the help of Overseer and Overdragon.

-The new look for our New Tome City newsletter has now been finalised and completed. Make sure to check on this thread for the latest issue.
-A direct link may be added to the homepage for easy access.

Update: 18/4/2017

From 17/4/2017-23/4/2017-Top Commenter-Angel
Most thanked-Araell.

There is a poll currently running on New Tome City’s forum, where you can chose any one of three choices.
Each option relates to a different competition that we run. This poll will show us which one you want us to have after the caption and the mini NaNo WriMo competition have ended.
Click here to vote.

Update: 16/4/2017

-There is now a scheduled update date for the What’s new page and the New Tome City blog.

What’s New page


New Tome City blog


-Our Calendar has now been updated with closing dates for the caption competition, which ends on the 1st May.
-Scheduled updates for pages have also been added too.
-The overall look of the calendar has been improved, with the removal of the red background for events. It is now slightly larger on the screen as well.

-The weekly word goal for this week (which runs from the 14th April-21st April) is 1,500, with a reward of 50 groats.

-And finally, we have two new editors on the New Tome City Facebook group. Welcome Angel and Araell! They are doing their best to keep the page updated with all the events and exciting news. They are also our two newest moderators on the forum.

The third update (finally!)

After a long period of inactivity, the what’s new page is finally seeing some updates!

See below for the latest news.

-The Short story course that we were hoping to include has since been replaced by our blog! This is a useful page, as it will reveal updates in a different format.

-Our New Tome City calendar is now being regularly updated with different events and competitions.

-New Tome City is now two years old!

-On this page (What’s new), on our blog and on the SMF forum, there are now links to the different pages of New Tome City. We are still working to add one to the Aspiring Authors Advice page.

-We are working to redesign the old Newsletter, which showed important features and updates for the forum. Once in place, they will be released on the 22nd of each month.

-The Aspiring Authors Advice page is now active once more, with helpful information and advice from three of New Tome City’s residents.
-We are still on the lookout for more people to participate, so if you have some free time please add your answers in the reply to this thread.

-The Featured story winner for April 2017 is ‘Phoenix’ with her story ‘Forward’. Click here to read it.

-There are now weekly word goals in a new board, named ‘Word Goal Island’. Every Friday there will be a new goal that you can aim to reach, and receive Groats as a reward!
-The word goal for this week is set at 1,500, to be reached by 21/4/2017.

-There are currently two main competitions running this month.
1st: Caption competition. Closing date: 30/4/2017
2nd: Mini NaNo WriMo. Closing date: 1/5/2017

-We have introduced a ‘Most thanked’ and ‘Top commenter’, which will alternate and change weekly. Their names will be added to the New Tome City homepage underneath the FeSt banner image.
From: 3/4/2017-9/4/2017-Top Commenter-Araell
Most thanked-Angel.
From 10/4/2017-16/4/2017-Top Commenter-Phoenix
Most thanked-Angel.

-We are now posting up Daily writing prompts on the forum. If you manage to use one in one of your posts that day(the prompt can be from any that have already been posted, but only one per day) we will award you with groats as a reward.

-Lastly! There are a number of smaller modifications to the forum, which can be seen in the important change logs thread. Click the link to find out more about what has changed.

Our second update

We have a few updates to inform you of already!

-Links to the corresponding parts of New Tome City have been added to various links so you can get around easier. We are working on adding the rest over the next few days.

-The home page has had a major reboot and is now redesigned and configured to show all six links for New Tome City as well as a designated area for FeSt!
Please click here* to complete a very short (there are three questions) survey regarding the new layout to let us know your thoughts.

-Our ‘Aspiring authors advice’ and the creative writing course moodle links on the homepage are currently inactive as they are under maintenance. Once they are up and running we will let you know.

-FeSt winner for August is Angel’s ‘Untitled’. You can click here to read her story.

-On our shop page, our unisex t-shirts are 15% off until the 10th August.

-We still need your input for New Tome City. Please click here*to fill out a short survey. It will help us see where we need to improve and see what we’re doing well.

*Please note, there are two surveys we would like your feedback on. By completing them we can find out what you don’t like so we can edit them, and include more things that you do.

First update!

The first update is here at last! and there are already a few things to mention.

-We have a couple of more games that have been posted on the SMF forum, located here.

-FeSt is running once more for the month of August. The deadline for you to vote for your favourite story is on Monday 25th July. You can click here for the topic.

-There is a survey on the New Tome City homepage, located here in a pop up. There are 10 questions in total, and some of them are multiple choice. By taking this really short survey, we are able to improve our site even more, and possibly include features that you would like to see.

-We have an online calendar, which you can visit here. Events such as; competition start and end dates, FeSt and newsletter release days will be updated so you can see what is coming up.

-Our home page will be updated shortly to include links for FeSt, and to show other parts of NTC like our Aspiring Authors Advice page.

-A ‘Shop Now’ feature has been added to the New Tome City facebook page, which links directly to our merchandise store.

-Our shop will hopefully be selling forms of stationery shortly, and we are looking into selling certain items having a rolling sale schedule.
For example; one week our t-shirts will be on offer and the next a different product will be.

Hello world!

This is just a quick introduction to let you know that we now have this wonderful page, which is purely dedicated to letting you know what is new on New Tome City.

It will cover everything spanning across the whole site, such as; our merchandise shop, important information on the forum and other features and add-ons like the moodle and our new online calendar.

We will let you know if there is any downtime, and even list competitions and special events too.

Happy reading!