Update: 8/6/2017

-The New Tome City blog has been updated once more. In the latest update New Overlord goes in search for New Overdragon and the mysterious ‘dark void’ that has been discovered.

-The winner for our Featured Story for June is Mister Biz, with his story ‘Kissing the Darkness‘! You can click the link to read it.

Update: 6/6/2017

From 29/5/2017-4/6/2017-Top Commenter-Angel
Most thanked-Araell.

FeSt is up, and it’s Veteran Misterbiz versus new talent Hasitha, don’t forget to cast your vote before voting closes in two days!

We also seem to have a new member… Or did I just finally action a bet that a certain member made against himself?  Hmm…

Update: 1/6/2017

-Our New Tome City blog has been updated once more. In the latest update, New Overseer mentions a potential threat underneath the city.

-The next ‘Set the scene’ competition is up. All entries must be submitted by the 12th June.

FeSt nominations (and then voting) are now up and ready for Tomeians to pick. The winner will be announced in the next update.

Update: 30/5/2017

From 29/5/2017-4/6/2017-Top Commenter-Angel
Most thanked-Phoenix.

-A new mod has been installed, allowing easier access to the forum for mobile phone and tablet users.

-Our Important change logs thread on the forum has been updated, noting the change above.

Update: 28/5/2017

– The weekly word goal for this week (which runs from 27/5/2017 to 3/6/2017) is 1000 words, with a reward of 10 groats.


– Weekly round ups are going to be implemented from May 26th on, and will include a range of updates from across the forum. Things that will be included:
– The week’s five most active threads.
– New threads started during the week.
– The names of any new members.
– New competitions.
– Top five games replied to.
– The top responder for the week.
Weekly round ups will be sent to each Tomeian via PM to keep them up to date on the week’s events on the forum.

Update: 25/5/2017

-The latest entry to the New Tome City blog has been posted online. In the latest update, New Overlord watches over the citizens as they help to make the city their own once more.

Update: 23/5/2017

Well done to our top Commenter, Araell, and to our Most Thanked Tomeians, (yes that’s right, plural) Phoenix and Araell.

Starting this Friday, we’ll be delivering our ‘Weekly Round Ups’, which will be a brief summary of the events of the week.

Finally, we’ve updated the important change logs thread. so be sure to check that out if you want even more news.