Update: Official news and information.

During the past month or so, activities and events have had to take a back seat on New Tome City, as our administration team have had to work on other projects.

We have tried to keep the forum as active as possible, and we are grateful that some members have found the time to post up entries and return feedback.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused from our downtime.

We feel that it is important to maintain an active presence on the forum and other pages, so that if there is ever a problem it will get resolved quickly. Although we have been around where possible, we know that the scattered posting isn’t what Tome City is about.

We have always strived to achieve regular posting and feedback, both from regular members and the admin team itself. By trying to achieve this, we know that means there will always be something to do and see on the forum.

Our community has maintained a steady number of members for a while now, and it doesn’t matter if someone hasn’t had the time to post or go on in a little while. Tome City will always be there to welcome them back when they are able to.

Whilst we try to catch up with previous posts and start regularly posting again, we ask for a little more patience. We are working on becoming an active presence once more, but it will take a little time. 

We have always encouraged replies to topics and threads, so if you do find yourself with a few minutes to spare, log in and have a look around. Several stories are in need of feedback, and there are always topics in the individual boards that can be revived by someone posting.

We are encouraging feedback and replies where possible, and we are always on the lookout for more ways to keep Tome City active.

Anyone is able to become a featured member on our homepage for the week, for example;

-Our Top commenter is chosen from our ‘Regular commenters’ group. Anyone seen to be actively participating will be added to this group.

-Our Most thanked member is chosen by other membersthanking‘ people’s posts.  The member with the highest number is then chosen.

We are hoping that over the next week or so, new competitions and events will be popping up on the forum. So make sure to log in and see what’s going on, there may be something that interests you.

Hope to see you on NTC soon.

New Overlord.