Update: 30/4/2017

-Our Mini NaNo WriMo competition has now ended! Congratulations to Araell for smashing her word goal!

-The ‘Vote for your favourite competition’ thread has now ended! Next months competition will run from tomorrow.
-The chosen competition, as chosen by Tomeians, is the ‘short story’ option! We’ll be choosing a prompt for you to work from later today.

-Our Caption competition is ending tomorrow so if you haven’t posted your entry, now is the time to do so. A poll will then be posted so you can pick your favourite one.

-The weekly word goal for this week (which runs from the 28th-5th April) is 1,000 words, with a reward of 30 groats.

Update: 27/4/2017

New entries for the New Tome City blog have been added. In the latest update, the city has been finalised and a way to call it’s old citizens is underway. Click here to read and catch up!

Update: 25/4/2017

From 23/4/2017-30/4/2017-Top Commenter-Phoenix
Most thanked-Araell.

-Due to technical issues, we weren’t able to release our monthly newsletter on the day we had hoped. Whilst looking into the problem, we started work on a new page of Tome City.
This page will be exclusively for the newsletters, and hold them in one place for easy access. This site is now active, so click here for the first issue!
-Web links have now been added to the homepage, one either side of the New Tome City banner. One side will be for previous issues, the other is for our current one.

-Links and minor changes have been made to our Blog, What’s new page and Newsletter page to keep them consistent. Each page now has the same menu layout, only missing the web link for the site you’re on.
-Header images have been removed and replaced with ‘logos’ meaning that the New Tome City square advert is now at the top of every page.
-Comments have now been disabled for new posts on all three sites.

Update: 23/4/2017

-The weekly word goal for this week (which runs from the 21st-28th April) is 2,000 words, with a reward of 70 groats.

-We are in the process of slightly redesigning the homepage. Links will then be available for past and current New Tome City newsletters.

-Newsletters, past and current are going to be hopefully moved to their own webpage for easy viewing. We are in the process of setting this page up.

Update: 20/4/2017

-Our latest blog entry is now out, you can click here to catch up. In the latest update, New Tome City is formed and built with the help of Overseer and Overdragon.

-The new look for our New Tome City newsletter has now been finalised and completed. Make sure to check on this thread for the latest issue.
-A direct link may be added to the homepage for easy access.

Update: 18/4/2017

From 17/4/2017-23/4/2017-Top Commenter-Angel
Most thanked-Araell.

There is a poll currently running on New Tome City’s forum, where you can chose any one of three choices.
Each option relates to a different competition that we run. This poll will show us which one you want us to have after the caption and the mini NaNo WriMo competition have ended.
Click here to vote.

Update: 16/4/2017

-There is now a scheduled update date for the What’s new page and the New Tome City blog.

What’s New page


New Tome City blog


-Our Calendar has now been updated with closing dates for the caption competition, which ends on the 1st May.
-Scheduled updates for pages have also been added too.
-The overall look of the calendar has been improved, with the removal of the red background for events. It is now slightly larger on the screen as well.

-The weekly word goal for this week (which runs from the 14th April-21st April) is 1,500, with a reward of 50 groats.

-And finally, we have two new editors on the New Tome City Facebook group. Welcome Angel and Araell! They are doing their best to keep the page updated with all the events and exciting news. They are also our two newest moderators on the forum.

The third update (finally!)

After a long period of inactivity, the what’s new page is finally seeing some updates!

See below for the latest news.

-The Short story course that we were hoping to include has since been replaced by our blog! This is a useful page, as it will reveal updates in a different format.

-Our New Tome City calendar is now being regularly updated with different events and competitions.

-New Tome City is now two years old!

-On this page (What’s new), on our blog and on the SMF forum, there are now links to the different pages of New Tome City. We are still working to add one to the Aspiring Authors Advice page.

-We are working to redesign the old Newsletter, which showed important features and updates for the forum. Once in place, they will be released on the 22nd of each month.

-The Aspiring Authors Advice page is now active once more, with helpful information and advice from three of New Tome City’s residents.
-We are still on the lookout for more people to participate, so if you have some free time please add your answers in the reply to this thread.

-The Featured story winner for April 2017 is ‘Phoenix’ with her story ‘Forward’. Click here to read it.

-There are now weekly word goals in a new board, named ‘Word Goal Island’. Every Friday there will be a new goal that you can aim to reach, and receive Groats as a reward!
-The word goal for this week is set at 1,500, to be reached by 21/4/2017.

-There are currently two main competitions running this month.
1st: Caption competition. Closing date: 30/4/2017
2nd: Mini NaNo WriMo. Closing date: 1/5/2017

-We have introduced a ‘Most thanked’ and ‘Top commenter’, which will alternate and change weekly. Their names will be added to the New Tome City homepage underneath the FeSt banner image.
From: 3/4/2017-9/4/2017-Top Commenter-Araell
Most thanked-Angel.
From 10/4/2017-16/4/2017-Top Commenter-Phoenix
Most thanked-Angel.

-We are now posting up Daily writing prompts on the forum. If you manage to use one in one of your posts that day(the prompt can be from any that have already been posted, but only one per day) we will award you with groats as a reward.

-Lastly! There are a number of smaller modifications to the forum, which can be seen in the important change logs thread. Click the link to find out more about what has changed.