Our second update

We have a few updates to inform you of already!

-Links to the corresponding parts of New Tome City have been added to various links so you can get around easier. We are working on adding the rest over the next few days.

-The home page has had a major reboot and is now redesigned and configured to show all six links for New Tome City as well as a designated area for FeSt!
Please click here* to complete a very short (there are three questions) survey regarding the new layout to let us know your thoughts.

-Our ‘Aspiring authors advice’ and the creative writing course moodle links on the homepage are currently inactive as they are under maintenance. Once they are up and running we will let you know.

-FeSt winner for August is Angel’s ‘Untitled’. You can click here to read her story.

-On our shop page, our unisex t-shirts are 15% off until the 10th August.

-We still need your input for New Tome City. Please click here*to fill out a short survey. It will help us see where we need to improve and see what we’re doing well.

*Please note, there are two surveys we would like your feedback on. By completing them we can find out what you don’t like so we can edit them, and include more things that you do.