Update: 20/10/2018

A new section of New Tome City has been uncovered!
There is now a board purely for any and all artistic work; sketches, Photographs, sketches, paintings and comics can now be posted here.
There is an area purely for artist based competitions and challenges too, which will be used on Wednesday for an upcoming short one to get activity rolling in this new area.

The comic Creek has now been moved into the Artists Avenue.

New Lead Moderator ‘New Overwitch’ posted up a two week long competition on the 17th, to end on Halloween. Voting will commence after.
The caption competition can be found here.

Update: 6/5/2018

Forum activity has been slowly picking up over the past couple days; signs of good things to come? Let’s hope so!

Activity on the admin side has been more relaxed this week due to personal circumstances across the board, so there’s been no new blog post. However, there is a weekly writing prompt for you to check out!

And as always, the Games board remains one of the more active places on the forum, so feel free to jump right in and participate!

Update: 28/4/2018

Yesterday, the forum admins held our first formal meeting. While we won’t go into detail here about everything that was discussed, we can say that we have some exciting things coming up that we can’t wait to share with you!

In the meantime, why not check out the most recent blog post?

Or, if you’re itching to write and need some inspiration, there are still a few days left for this week’s writing prompt.

If you’re in a more playful mood, take a look at the forum’s active Games board!

Update: 10/3/2018

Well, it’s certainly been a while since the last update, hasn’t it? We here at New Tome City have been making an effort to revitalize the forum and bring it back to a more active state during this brief hiatus, and we think that the changes we’ve made–and the change we’re looking at making in the future–will go a long way towards achieving that goal.

Here are the most recent changes and updates that you should be aware of:

  • After a brief delay, a new blog has been posted!
  • Furthermore, you can head over to the forum to check out our new seasonal color theme! Going forward, the theme will be changing in accordance with the seasons and, depending on feedback, may even include some special holiday themes!

We hope to have more to share with you in the future!

New member to admin team – 02/08/2017

Recently you will have noticed a new member of the admin team making posts, specific to Daily Writing Prompts.

New OverKeeper has joined the team to help post updates during the week. She’ll be focusing on the writing prompts and posting backlog down from New Overlord.

She’ll be keeping a keen watch over Tome so make sure you behave 😉

Update: Official news and information.

During the past month or so, activities and events have had to take a back seat on New Tome City, as our administration team have had to work on other projects.

We have tried to keep the forum as active as possible, and we are grateful that some members have found the time to post up entries and return feedback.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused from our downtime.

We feel that it is important to maintain an active presence on the forum and other pages, so that if there is ever a problem it will get resolved quickly. Although we have been around where possible, we know that the scattered posting isn’t what Tome City is about.

We have always strived to achieve regular posting and feedback, both from regular members and the admin team itself. By trying to achieve this, we know that means there will always be something to do and see on the forum.

Our community has maintained a steady number of members for a while now, and it doesn’t matter if someone hasn’t had the time to post or go on in a little while. Tome City will always be there to welcome them back when they are able to.

Whilst we try to catch up with previous posts and start regularly posting again, we ask for a little more patience. We are working on becoming an active presence once more, but it will take a little time. 

We have always encouraged replies to topics and threads, so if you do find yourself with a few minutes to spare, log in and have a look around. Several stories are in need of feedback, and there are always topics in the individual boards that can be revived by someone posting.

We are encouraging feedback and replies where possible, and we are always on the lookout for more ways to keep Tome City active.

Anyone is able to become a featured member on our homepage for the week, for example;

-Our Top commenter is chosen from our ‘Regular commenters’ group. Anyone seen to be actively participating will be added to this group.

-Our Most thanked member is chosen by other membersthanking‘ people’s posts.  The member with the highest number is then chosen.

We are hoping that over the next week or so, new competitions and events will be popping up on the forum. So make sure to log in and see what’s going on, there may be something that interests you.

Hope to see you on NTC soon.

New Overlord.

Update: 22/6/2017

From 5/6/2017-11/6/2017-Top Commenter-Angel
Most thanked-Araell.

From 12/6/2017-18/6/2017-Top Commenter-Phoenix
Most thanked-Araell.

From 19/5/2017-25/6/2017-Top Commenter-Angel
Most thanked-Araell.

-The latest entries in the blog have been added! In the newest updates, Overdragon and Overlord venture into the large cavern in search of the source of the dark void. Whilst inside, they discover that there is a loud beast. Click here to find out more.

-We have a new, sleeker design for our homepage. We have a menu bar, that has allowed a cleaner look, and we have also added a Facebook and Twitter link to ensure that all our pages are updated.
-Due to working on the homepage, updates for the forum, (which has included the weekly round up’s and word goals along with a few other features,) have unfortunately had to take a back seat. Now the page has been completed, we should be back on track. This may take a little while however, so the newsletter may be slightly delayed.

Update: 18/6/2017

– No weekly word goal has been announced for this week; this post will update if one is added to the forum.

– This week’s Weekly Round-Up will also be delayed; this post will update when it arrives.